F1 Visa Rules for Travel and Apartment Options

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I have got admission and visa for University of Houston but I want to first go to New York on that visa for staying there with my relatives for a week and then come to Houston.

I done know if there is any immigration rule that restricts me to first got to Houston and the university name is mentioned on my visa. I don’t want to get into trouble. so want to know that out.

Plus I havent got accommodation as yet. I want to know whether I should apply for the on campus housing but i want to find a cheaper option as i m short of funds, I have heard that off campus housing becomes difficult as there is poor transportation means in Houston…..guys plz comment..its urgent.

F1 Visa and Travel to USA

Yes, you can go to New York and then fly to Houston.

For Fall 2011 – One student went to LA, then after 2 weeks he was going to attend college in Alabama.

CBP officer asked his flight ticket from Los Angles to Alabama.

Apartment Rental

On campus or off campus housing depends on your university and location.  You have to get answers from current students at University of Houston.

Always remember – Safety is the first priority. Don’t find an apartment in  high crime area to save $100 per month.

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  1. hello hsb,
    i got i-20 from the university of bridgeport,, connecticut for MS in electrical engineering.can u please tell me how is the university according to you,and any suggestion regarding weather ,and living

  2. Dear HSB,
    I will be very thankful to you if you kindly explain the importance of immigration officer interview with the student because visa doesnt gurantee reaching US. What should be the approach of the student and can he be deported if the immigration officer wants.. This issue has not yet been discussed in the HSB forum…so if you can kindly share some word of advice …..I will really worried thinking about it …..

  3. And another thing do I have any provision to stay with my brother who lives in Atlanta and then travel to my coll which is situated in Gainsville. Please let me know as I have booked a ticket till Atlanta and I am planning to leave to Gainsville with my bro in car.

    1. hey saai,
      have you booked flight from atlanta to gaisville because i have same problem as you.

  4. Good day HSB, pls i have a question as regards this post. have got admission to oklahoma state university buh i bookes a fight to north carolina to see a friend for a week and then head back to my school buh i havent got a ticket from north carolina to oklahoma.Will that pose a problem to me at the port of entry?

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