F1 Visa for Spring 2012 Granted. No Documents Asked.

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F1 Visa Interview for Spring 2012 by Anurudh.

Please accept my gratitude and thanks for running this blog which helped me a lot in preparing for my F1 visa interview.

My visa interview was scheduled for 10 Nov 2011.

It was a dream interview in which I was just asked 4 questions

  1. Which program
  2. Why UMass, Dartmouth
  3. GMAT & TOEFL scores
  4. How would MBA help me in my career

VO did not even ask for a single paper or documents.

With an average GMAT score of 540 and score of 94 in TOEFL, I was very nervous but it went all too well for me and visa officer was kind enough and granted me visa within 2 minutes.

Thanks once again guys for running this blog.


Great interview. When you prepare for the worst, you can expect to answers any tough interview questions. Good luck.

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  1. I have applied only to one university to do my masters. i also got admisison in that.
    How do i support the fact that i applied to one uni only

    if they ask me if i am planning to do my Phd what do i say?

  2. please i wanna know if the vo can refuse my visa cos my school does require SAT and my home country is exempt from writing toefl hope there will be no problem? it Indiana state university

  3. hello can any one help me i got admit for pursuing ms in environmental enginering in uhcl .
    my ug % is 5.7/10
    gre 920
    ielts 6.0
    backlogs 5
    what are the chances of getting visa??????????????

  4. hi friends i have 57% in btech ,ielts 6%ile, gre266 got admit from stevens institute of technology with 8 backlogs and proffesional experience of about 3 years will i get my visa

  5. Hello friends my profile:

    GRE -980
    Toefel 98

    Btech 76
    with no backlogs

    has around 3 yrs of work exp with IBM applied for arkansas,houston clear lake and south albama.

    please tell my chances of getting Visa

  6. hi my visa date is on 7th DEC… My TOEFL score got cancelled.. Now wat problems will I face.. and I’ve 62.82% in ENGG with 1 back log… plz reply… will they come to know of I show my TOEFL score card… plz reply I got 91 score in TOEFL..

  7. Hi friends i have an interview in Dec. I applied to only one school and i got it, what is the big deal about that? I m a teacher and i m going for my bachelors in early childhood edu…thanks

  8. Most american university r in paralle wit the latest technology in the teaching and learning process and ur university is no exemption. And educatin ur self under this technology will give u better opportunity in life

  9. Please I want you to assist with the following questions..based on an application
    (a.) Why this (Texas Southern) University?
    (b.) Why Computer Engineering?

  10. Congratulations to you! Please I was told that any admission from a college will be rejected,I have an admission in San Jacinto college Texas to study multimedia computer animation.,my I 20 is almost ready,but I am honestly scared! Will I have any troubles getting the visa because I have an admission from a college. thanks.

  11. I have got my I-20 from umass and I’m planning to study English at a bachelor level. However, I already have a bachelor degree in English in my home university but the grade was poor. And my interview is in December what if the VO ask me why didn’t I go for master what should I say.

    1. Hi Harry,

      There are 2 types of people who go for further studies even after getting low scores in previous academic achievements.
      1. Those who learn from their mistake in the previous scores and want to improve in their future academic plans.
      2. Those who want to achieve further studies for the sake of future growth in their own field.

      Now you decide which group you belong to and answer accordingly. But what ever it is tell the truth with confidence. Because that is what finally matters and fetches you visa.
      All the best.

  12. Reli i have been posting and getting no replies,i got a 214b letter 4rm d embassy stating dat i didnt have a strong ties with my home country and they are afraid i may not return back,it was my uncle sponsoring me den and he is in malaysia were i completed my diploma in nursing,am going for bs.c nursing and i have been working before i started my diploma. i need to knw ur advice please b4 i reapply again.thnx

  13. congratulations anurudh…im having a visa interview on 17th nov 2011 at hyd…can anyone tell me tips for the interview…i completed my bachelors in physiotherapy and now applied for masters .planning to go to LAMAR university,Beaumont,Texas.

  14. I was not even asked four questions. My interview was in the month of Jan 2010. First time Visa was a reject and the next time it was Why this Univ & have you ever traveled out of India. Visa approved and no body even know that i attended interview that day apart from my consultant who booked my Visa date. Another fact is, i was coming for my master’s starting 2011 having completed my bachelor’s way back in 2006… 🙂

  15. Hi Anurudh

    Congrats on getting the visa.

    Which city did u apply for visa from?

    Can you also let me know which other universities u applied to ?


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