F1 Visa Stamping – 221(g) at US Consulate Hyderabad

Raghuram Sukumar F1 Visa Interview Experiences 10 Comments

I have attended F1 visa Interview on 8th July at Hyderabad Consulate and my application is still under 221g administrative processing. My Visa interview went on for only a few seconds like this:

VO: Why are you going to US?
ME: I am going to do my Masters in Electrical Engg at XXX University.
VO: What is your area of Interest?
ME: My area of interest is Power Systems and Power Electronics.
VO: Do you have any backlogs?
ME: I do not have any backlogs.
Then VO checked something on system and written some code on my application, handed over passport to me and asked me to go to counter no XX.
I went to counter no XX, there I was given a white sheet to fill up and submit. I filled up the sheet and submitted along with my passport,I20 and admission letter, then they asked me to submit my resume through e-mail to their ID. I submitted the same.
It’s been 20 days that I have attended my interview, will I get Visa? Please post your comments and suggestions on where I went wrong with my interview. It hardly took 30 sec for my interview, how could a person judge me within this time frame?

F1 Visa Interview

Read the comments posted the blog posts who got stamping after facing similar situation like you F1 Visa Interview 221(g) at Chennai Consulate.

Looks like there is 2 to 3 weeks wait before passport will be returned with Visa stamp. But, it depends on case by case. You might delay more than 3 weeks or might get visa in mail within 1 week. All you can do is hope and wait.



  1. I want to apply for fall 2013. I did my MCA in 2007 and scored 65%. I am currently working and I have 7 years of IT exp (SAP consultant). Could you please tell me how soon should I be writing my GRE to get a seat in a decent university. I am currently preparing for GRE.

  2. i have received the I20 from Rochester Institute of Technology but i think there is a error in my I20 as it is mentioned in the 3rd point of my I20 that reprint reason damaged, as I’m deferred for fall 2011 from spring 2011, as sevis no is same which was mentioned on my previous I20 but why it is mentioned reprint reason damaged I’m bit worried about it as one of my friend also get the I20 from the same university but there is no such thing like Reprint reason on his I20 as we both are deferred.. can anyone please help me why the reprint reason damaged is mentioned on my I20.

    1. Maybe you should callup the school's international student services and find out the exact reason for it and ask them if it would be a problem. That way you at least know the complete story.

  3. i have attended my visa interview on dec 3rd , i got 221g . how many days it takaes to get my visa . if anybody knows about this information tel me pls…

    1. It took 5 weeks for me to get my visa. Keep monitoring your status and once you complete 4 weeks keep calling the us department of state and the concerned consulate in India. That might help speed things a bit.

  4. Did you get your visa finally?…let me know how long did it take & how was it notified…pls post ur comment asap!

  5. Hey HSB, did you get your visa yet??? How many days did you take to get your visa? How did you know you got your visa? Did they contact you or you checked the status online?

    1. my name is umesh i got gre 780 and toefl 99 and i had recieved i-20 card from 2 univerities one is california state university and second lawren tech pvt. university and i hav 9 backlogs and give me a suggestion how can i face d vissa interview in hyd consulate…………………..

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