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Raghuram Sukumar F1 Visa Interview Experiences 7 Comments

I worked for 4 years as a Senior Consultant QA with IT firms in India. Then in studied for 3 and half months and scored 1050 in GRE in Oct 2009. Then 97 in TOEFL in Dec 2009.

I had applied to 6 Universities, among which I got selected in 4 universities including

  1. PACE(with scholarship)
  3. SUNY
  4. NJIT

I really worked hard for F1 visa interview for PACE university, for 3 weeks exploring almost every website.My interview was at Delhi in July 2010 .The VO asked me 4 questions.

F1 Visa Interview Questions

  1. Why MS?
  2. In what other universities did u get selected?
  3. Who will pay for your fees?
  4. Did you get any scholarship from PACE?

And done. There were 4 persons in front of me and none of them got the visa, but I did not get discouraged and faced the VO with confidence and smile.

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  1. I want to know if I have multiple I20, would it be helpful in visa interview or I must have only 1 I20. Is there any problem during Visa Interview if I get I20 from multiple Universities. I am really confused. Please help if someone knows about this

  2. My F1 Visa Interview was 27th February 2013.My visa has been approved.VO give a visa delivery token instantly.But on early morning of 28th February some one called from embassy and told me you will get your passport later.when I cheeked my status at online It shows that my application is under administrative processing. Do you have any Idea when I can get my Visa.My class will be start from 13th August 2013.

  3. Why will one have an advantage getting a visa if one applied to more than one university? If I intend to apply for Spring 2012 and I apply to a University in April 2011 and get admission, is it not just waste of money applying to other universities after that because one wants to get a better chance at the visa interview?

    Can anyone with experience in Master of Arts in Liberal Studies post a blog interview, please

  4. i gave toefl but i got very low score. do i mentian toefl score at visa intreview or not

  5. hi mani i am currently working in an IT compnay and i want to do ms from us can you tell me the overall expendture

    on the process if taking admission

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