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How to Draft the Perfect F1 Visa Answer?

Feedback from F-1 Visa Students

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Anusha – F1 Visa Coaching Feedback – Fall 2016 from HappySchools on Vimeo.

What’s Different?

We Practice A Lot

Practice Makes Perfect. When you have the right direction and right way to practice, you can come out with F-1 Visa approval. You are not going to Memorize, you are not going to be given a standard answer to memorize and repeat. You are going to do all the work, but you are going to work different then other F-1 Visa Interview Prep students.

We Create Fun

Above all, you re going to Have Fun. We are going to Take Away “Tension” out of your F-1 Visa interview preparation process. As Samrat said, “I was smiling my way to F-1 Visa Approval”. This experience is going to give you lot more confidence in your life, not just this one instance.

Top F1 Visa Mistakes


  • 35+ Mistakes to Avoid
  • Top Reasons for Rejections
  • 60 Mins Video Guide
  • Real Life Examples
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F1 Rejection Review


  • 15 Minutes Consulting
  • 1:1 Rejection Review
  • Discuss Reasons for Rejection
  • Previous Rejections Analysis
  • Get Approval Chances
Get Rejection Review

F1 Visa Coaching


  • Top F1 Mistakes
  • F1 Visa Workshop
  • One on One Coaching
  • 60 Minutes of Coaching Time
  • 4 of 5 Spots @ $175
  • 5 Spots @ $200
  • Max 10 Clients for Spring 2016
  • Members Only Community
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“Ask Anyone Guarantee”

Just Send Me an Email. I can give you List of Contacts (my students). Ask them about how I Coached Them for F1 Visa Success. They are going to say about “Eye Brow Raising” moment when they Used My Framework to Craft Answers to Their Questions and Realized This is “The Answer” that is is So Different, So Bold and So Unique when compared to 99% of Visa Experience. That Ultimately Got Their F1 Visa Approval.

What is F1 Visa Workshop?

Next Live Workshop - To Be Announced

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Recorded Video of Live Training – 75 Minutes
    • Learn to create Perfect Answers
    • Top Reason and Mistakes for rejection
    • F1 Visa Strategy based on Financial Situation
    • Lot More Topics to Ace the interview
  2. Workshop
    • Persona Questionnaire
    • Step by Step process to Craft your perfect answer
    • Learn how to ace the interview
    • Tips for practicing without memorizing
    • Several Hours of Video Class
    • Video Interviews with Tips from previous students
    • DS-160 Guide
    • Private Community
Previous Rejections are always  tricky. You could overcome if you qualify for visa again.

  • About 70% Approval Change for First Time Applicants
  • Less than 30% Approval Chance with Rejections

If you are rejected, then here’s the process:

  • Find reasons for rejection
  • Identify if you can overcome the reasons
  • Find ways to overcome those reasons
  • Appear for Interview again

Note: Don’t reappear for F-1 Visa in desperation. It almost always never works out based on my observation.

Feedback from Arvind (Spring 2016)

  • 1. What was the biggest obstacle for your F1 visa Interview?

    Going for second masters after doing M.Tech in India.

  • 2. What did you find as a result of my F1 visa coaching?

    Helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses and thus helped me answer with more confidence based on my strengths.You also helped me with the potential questions that could be asked for my profile.

  • 3. What specific things did you like most about working with me?

    Because of your experience handling a lot of students, you have a better idea and you give a clear picture of the student’s potential interview questions.

  • 4. What would be three other benefits about F1 Coaching?

    1. Personal attention with complete understanding of the student’s profile.2. Guidance based solely on the student’s profile.3. You gave a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses my profile. And thus made me work more on my weaknesses which made me be prepared for any questions based on my weaknesses.

  • 5. Would you recommend this service? If so, why?

    Yes, I would definitely recommend this service to other students when it comes to their visa interviews because of your vast experience in helping students clear their visa interviews and your blog is a good source of genuine information.

  • 6. Is there anything you’d like to add?

    Continue to do the great work. I would like to know the list of services that you offer so that I can recommend any of my friends or relatives who are looking for services other than visa interview consulting.