Admission to Grad School : Transcripts vs Conditional Admission

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I am currently pursuing my under-graduation final year in JNTU Hyderabad.

I have applied for Fall 2012. Due to the instate political disturbances, our exams and academic calender has been postponed by a month. So, obviously the results and certificates may be delayed accordingly.

I am worried now if i will be able to submit my 4-2 memo to the university on time .

In case of delay of 4-2 memo, will the admission be cancelled or considered as a conditional admit giving us enough time to submit the memo?

Admission Status vs Transcripts

Here is the difference between Provisional, Probationary vs Unconditional Admission.

Prospective students applying for Fall 2012, will either apply with transcripts from third year (3-2) or 4th year (4-1).

  • 3-2 (if applying before Jan 2011)
  • 4-1 (if applying after Jan 2012)

Final semester (4-2) transcripts should be given university, after you get them (when you graduate).

Typically, universities will give admission (conditional), you can apply for visa, and take the 4-2 transcripts and degree certificate with you when you reach the university.

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  1. before getting 4-2 results can we apply for a visa interview date..

  2. i got 69% in my btech up to 3-2 sem ..what will b my gpa. my gre score is 293..will i get admission in gud universities

  3. hi have got 60% in b.e. final year computer engg.
    Are there any chances of getting adm in u.s universities?? what will be my GPA.??

    1. You can apply for study in US universities. Now you need to take IELTS test (6.5 minimum). GRE test if it is necessary for restricted (Top ranking universities). If you want you can take sit for GRE test.

      Indian 60% = 2.50 – 2.70 (USA)

      1. hi kowshik,

        can i know how are you sure about the conversion. Does the University counts when you covert Indian percentage to GPA

      2. hi koushik i got 69% in my btech up to 3-2 sem ..what will b my gpa. my gre score is 293..will i get admission in gud universities

      3. hi can anyone get admission in usa for master in maths who has got 53.5% from old B.Sc. + M. Sc.?
        If GRE is 790 in Q…………..

  4. I’m in final year student my degree will finish in July 2012 and i want to join fall 2012 session so when should i start applying for universities.

  5. My GRE Score was 1460, IELTS 8.0, BSc in Economics 2.79/4.00. Unfortunately, I rebuffed by US embassy 3 times. First time it was for horrific BSc result and no GRE score, then for low quality university (City University of New York). In final, I just visited there for fight because just 2 days after second rejection I got visa of Canada.

    Some time they do fun with us. India needs to improve quality of education. Education is business in UK and USA.

    1. Great news you got Canada visa. But did you apply with your B.Sc result, l mean the 2.79 GPA? Cos l understand that most universities in Canada does not accept nothing less than a 3.0 GPA for M.Sc program

      1. then if i sored CGPA 2.97 then can i apply for that??????
        plz answer me ……. m waiting…..

  6. Thanks HSB. But My query is if i cannot receive my 4-2 transcripts at the time of leaving to USA.. would i be given additional time to submit them?

  7. Hi HSB,
    my query is regarding admissions for foreign universities. There are many agencies offering to help out with the admission process, the documents, visa etc for a fat fee ofcourse. How useful wil it be? If one is planning to apply by themselves is it that tedious or can it be managed? Am sure this will be very useful for many others too. Eagerly awaiting a reply. Thanks.

  8. Thanks a lot HSB…this one is a good article…I gave my GRE on 4th Nov and got a range of 302 to 315 on 340(by conversion)…an i am doing my 5 year B.Tech-M.Tech in Nanotechnology…presently in my last year…starting with 9th sem(Total 10 semesters).
    I have a 650 to 750 in does the real score lie in between these two extreme’s or can go anyway ??

    P.S. Applying for Fall 2012..for PhD in Nanotechnology.

  9. Hey brother, I am also a student of jntu Hyderabad pursuing pre-final year…… Can you help me regarding gre… like How to prepare? Which coaching centre is best in Hyderabad…? Can you please leave your email id here….//

    Thanks in advance

  10. Hi HSB,
    I’m unaware of what this 3-1 and 4-2 is. Can u give me a link to any article that explains this. Thankyou.

    1. Actually engineering degree is 4 year course consisting of eight semesters (i.e two sem/yr). Here 3-1 means third year 1st semester, like wise etc…

      1. Oh ! … that’s easy.. i got it…. i just didn’t know the terminology… thanks revanth 🙂

  11. I have read on the requirements for Indians page for one grad school “Due to the lengthy time that applicants face in getting a final or provisional degree certificate, we will not accept or process applications from current students who have not completed their 8th semester.”

    I am currently about to give my sem 7 exams in December. Does that mean that I cannot apply to this school?

  12. in my case i passsed outmy in 2011april. i decided to go usa so i will apply to universities in november and my %75. and my querry is will i get usa visa in fall 2012?

  13. in my case i have transcripts till 3-1 only… university hasn’t given me 6th sem marksheet yet… so what to do now?

      1. What if i have a backlog in 3-2 ? Can i apply with it or should i apply it after 4-1but, it would be very late until i get my certificates which would come by feb

      2. Hi hsb,
        Pls am an undergraduate,and i want to transfer to a USA university with a GPA 4.64 in Political Science/Law.
        I want you to please give me some universities list that do waive TOEFL and APPLICATION FEE.
        Am asking you this favour because i dont have a toefl score.thanks

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