Apply for Fall 2013 With Upto 7th Semester Transcripts?

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I m currently doing BE in Electronics and wish to pursue MS in Electrical engineering. I will be giving GRE in this december and wish to apply for fall 2013. As I will be completing my BE in May 2013 and the result will be out after month and a half i.e in july.

I wish to apply for MS without having any gap in my BE and MS. But the admission process ask for all 4 years of transcript(results).

If I start to apply for MS in this December and the results will be upto 7th semester,whether it will be a problem for me for insufficient documents or is it bound for me to take a gap of 1 year and then apply for MS? How will I make all the transcript work without 8th semester result? Or how should I make an admission for fall 2013.

I don’t want to take any gap for my MS and wish to complete in continuation.

Fall 2013 Application and Transcripts

Yes, you can apply for Fall 2013 with upto 7th Semester Transcripts.

When you get visa and reach the university, you will be required to submit 8th semester transcript and Degree Completion certificate.

Here are some link that will help you prepare for Fall 2013 Admission



  1. Hi…
    am really worried about getting admission in Fall 2013..for MS in Electrical Engg….
    my GRE-289
    TOEFL- 79
    Diploma (2005-2008) -69%
    B-Tech (2008-2011)-63%
    2 years gap..
    Do i have chances to get in into…
    1)Oklahoma state univ.
    2)San diego state univ.
    3)Cleveland state univ.
    4)Texas A&M kingsville
    5)Univ of south florida
    6)Oregan state univ.
    7)UMass Lowell

    What do you say??…plz I need a wise suggestions…

  2. Hello,
    I am following this blog from a long time, when I started dreaming about US education. But Now I Have Some Queries.I don’t Know whether it is a write place to ask question or not.. But Hope So You will respond my query.

    1) How to maintain the gap of a year..
    My B.Tech is going to complete in June 2012 and I am planning for Fall 13, MS CS. Toefl In June 12, GRE in september 12. All the documents LOR, SOP , transcripts upto 7 semesters ready and what ever the documents required are ready..
    But The Main Problem is there will be a gap like june 2012 to july 2013.. How can I maintain, what can I show in my documents about the gap.. I Have head that .. the gap of a year matters a Lot and US universities take it seriously..

    2) My BTech is in Bioinformatics… want to Pursues MS in CS(cyber security or networking )… whether it creates any problem for branch switch.?

    My B Tech Is in Bioinformatics in which most of the subjects of computer science has been covered… It has 72 % till 7th semester. What are the chances like they give priority for Computer science major student over other stream student… Or previous branch not matters, I have confusion about it and also what if you a person qualities.. If I show them my qualifications and my developed applications by mentioning on my SOP , LOR and resume.. will it gonna give any priority. Please guide about it.

    3) B Tech in Private University Student vs Government University Student
    Does it matters like whether you B Tech degree is from private [new with proper certifications of UGC] university or government university. Does a student is prefer ed on this criteria…

    Please Guide about the questions
    Vineet talwar

  3. Quiet Right, You need to submit attested transcripts until 6th Sem,, however the final degree conferred should be in First Class. If you would want to seek clarifications on IIT C, I might be of help.

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