$500 To Receive I-20. Wait for Other Admits or Pay The Fee?

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University is asking for $500 to confirm admission. Reader is still waiting for admission results from other universities.


My GRE score is 156 (Quant) and 149 (Verbal), my TOEFL score is 84.

I have applied to:

1) New York Institute of Technology
2) Michigan State University
3) University of Texas at Arlington
4) University of Texas at Dallas
5) Wayne State University
6) University of San Francisco

I got an accept from New York Institute of Technology yesterday. However, they say I have to pay $500 within two weeks to confirm my seat there.

Now what should I do?

Do I wait for the other universities to give their decisions? Or should I pay the fees and confirm my seat?

Also will I lose my accept from NYIT if I don’t pay the fees within the two weeks?

$500 for Admission

I’m not sure if they have already sent I-20.

I have seen few other universities ask for non-refundable deposit to send I-20 (or confirm the admission).

NYIT is not the best among the list of universities.


  1. hey Guys! Did anyone else received the same ? I too got it 3 weeks back. Waiting for other universities but I doubt about others because I applied it pretty late ?

    what should I do ?
    GO for N*YIT ??
    Pl give reviews on above school?
    As I found many bad reviews about it on yelp, college confidential & studentsreview…!!
    But cant trust online reviews so.
    Waiting for replies…….

  2. Just try this thing:
    Send them a mail stating that you are looking forward to take admission to the college, but since your parents are not at home right now you are unable to pay the fees right now. it will take another 20-25 days to pay. Or just make any excuse and delay any commitment by paying fees. By that time u shud get responses frm some other univs. Hope this helps

  3. only third rate universities ask students for committment fee. unless you are desperate don’t accept.
    youhave not given your b.tech score. if it is good you may get in a better university

    1. That’s untrue. I have a admit from CMU and they also are asking for $500 non refundable fee to secure my admission.

  4. If you are confident enough that u will get admission from other universities then do not pay and wait !!!

    If you want to do your graduation in that particular university then go ahead.

    I prefer not to join such universities. Today they demand you like this, tomorrow they may ask you for any additional deposit without any option leaving you behind.

  5. $500 for Admission

    You better call them and ask for last date of submitting tution deposit. If it is within next two weeks then you have to pay it before, otherwise you would probably lose NYIT admit.

    If you got admit then please send your financial docs , so that they might dispatch I20 form, where you would certainly find deadline to submit tution deposit.

  6. Hi,
    Pls wat can i do. I filled the DS-160 form and submitted for a B1 visa student tourist for educational conference,but i did not schedule any appointment due to some personal reasons,now i just got my I-20 from idaho state univ.and the questions re…
    *Am i goin to fill another DS-160 or not.
    *will it affect my chances of getting a F1 visa.

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