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3 Hours Paper Based Full-Length SAT Practice Test.


10 to 12 Page Detailed Report with Strengths and Weakness


Report Analysis in Relation to Target School and Major. 

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FAQ's About the FREE SAT Practce Test

Where is the Practice Test Offered?

This Free SAT Practice Test will be offered at the Eye Level Learning Center Located at 714 Slash Pine Dr, Cary, NC 27519 (Google Map).

Can my parents stay with me during the Test?

Most parents drop off their kids for the Practice Test and Pick them up after 3 hours. 

Do you also offer College Planning Advice?

If you and your parents are interested in how to learn more about the College Planning process, at the end of the test, we can give a detailed overview of how to ensure if the planned major matches students interest, how to select the right college to apply and which schools to apply for Early Decision, Early Action, and Regular Admission deadlines. This discussion should take about 30 minutes. 

Something came up, is it possile to reschedule the appointment?

Absolutely. Just follow the link to reschedule in the Reminder or the Confirmation Email to find a suitable date in the future. And you can also call and let us know at 919-655-9046.