How to Get Admission by Getting Naked

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If you want to get admission at your dream university in USA, get naked.

No, don’t remove your pants and shirts. I’m not talking about that kind of naked!

What I really mean is, tear down your protective covering and share the truth about your life in your Statement of Purpose.

Now I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but I’ll tell you how this strategy worked for me.

Being Emotional and Vulnerable

If you look at some of the blog posts here, there are certain topics that are very sensitive and readers comment to those posts with high emotions.

Some of those blog posts are

For such blog posts many readers share their views and come out strong with their opinions.

Why do you think those post attract so many comments, whereas my other equally useful articles didn’t receive any comments?

People are emotional and they wanted to know if those posts will directly impact them. Emotions demonstrate vulnerability.  There were several comment asking not to post such blog posts and encourage such comments. It’s a topic that most people don’t talk about, so when I did, people came from all over to read it.

How can you utilize that emotion and use it to get admission (and your advantage)? Don’t worry, it’s about getting naked, and it’s easy to pull off.

How to Get Naked on your SOP

There are two ways to get naked on your statement of purpose (without taking your clothes off). You could share a personal story about how you overcame a problem. It requires you to share lessons from your own life and relate it how has changed you for good and how you differ from others by overcoming a challenge/problem.

Remember, there are some things we are truly better off not knowing about you. So, be cautious about over sharing. Use good judgment on what personal story you like to share.

Over To you

  • Do you agree to above idea of using emotions in your admission essay?
  • Do you think you have a person story that can be used for your essay?


  1. One we should pat HSB for such an attention catching title. But coming to the issue i really don't think it is necessary for one to get emotional anywhere. whether it is in the SOP or during visa interview. the best bet would be to be as professional as possible especially in one's SOP. i am sure one would agree with me if i say that a statement of purpose is a simple means to show the person scrutinizing your application that you have done something academically in the past which you would like to take forward with further studies and that you have an idea as to what that is. is schools want a personal story they do sometimes particularly ask for personal statements. in fact i have written 2 statements for some universities that i applied for which asked for a SOP and a personal statement. while writing that it may be necessary to get emotional and include and personal story and everything but i don't think it is necessary otherwise.

  2. Was the title intentionally made to sound like that to get attention from readers?

  3. First thing… This topic is totally bullshit…Secondly
    and main thing is …those person who are sitting over there in
    Embassy, (any US, UK., AUS, DEN, CANAD, NEWJ ETC..), they are REAL
    BORDER SECURITY PERSONNEL and do not try to JUST IMPRESS at all to
    them….When you apply ….just think and make your mind that they
    are sitting over there to REJECT YOUR APPLICATION because they are
    border security . Thirdly…as per not get emotionally at
    all because they are not your relatives…please be PERFECT and
    PROFESSIONAL with your voice and words… If embassy guy ask you
    about your Father Profession then just Tell about your Father not tell anything extra …. For eg….one of my
    friend was asked this question…please look below Embassay Guy:
    Whats your Father occupation? He Answered : He is Hindustan
    Aeronautics Limited Personnel… But he also added that my father
    has crores of property in my NATIVE LAND… 79 PERCENT guys do this
    because they try to impress embassy personnel that we have very big
    and financial background over here and we will come back to India
    …but they get rejected in this case…only because they are over
    talkative and JUST OVER;.

    1. I hope u realize that Statement of Purpose a.k.a. SOP is written for the purpose of admission in University, to the Graduate Department, and NOT to the VO or Immigration officer (Border Security Personnel in your language :|). So before u bullshit any post written on one of the most popular overseas education blog, watch what you write, because in the end it might be you who is talking bullshit.. Adios.

  4. i agree with the idea of sharing emotions in an essay . I think there is no harm or embarrassment in doing that but as you said what details you share must be done professionally .Reader of your essay should not feel you are giving to much personal information about yourself. I think a personal story about what problems you faced and how it changed your maturity level and changed you shows a different strength of student which can not be judged from marksheet and grades. I think this is why they make us right a essay so they can understand what is going on in our minds.

  5. Hi,

    If they are ready to give me an admission by the way tackled problems in my life,then i would be much obliged to discuss al my secrets,but i dont think it will be necessary.

  6. A friend of mine who is in US doing his M.Tech had told me that Indian students are being criticized for being rhetoric and boasting themselves in their SOP rather than describing their projects and their future plans on the field of their study.

  7. Is it worth mentioning emotional factors when SOP is actually used to exhibit one's academic & professional strength & ability? If the university demands certain information, they will ask the student to write about it on a particular form, like adapting to a diverse population, respecting multifarious cultures, food habits bla bla bla . . .

  8. can i possibly apply any university without IELTS,GRE,TOFEL

    then possibly tell me which one university

    my course is related computer

    i have completed 12 commarce in sardar vallabhbhai high school (karamsad) near anand

    1. probably Germany is option!!! try out for good universities like TUM, RWTH Aachen.

  9. getting naked is a good idea, but a better idea if your nakedness is being noticed

    1. Please do not mislead people by making such baseless
      statements.A statement of purpose is a technical document which
      should highlight your academic,work background and talk about your
      area of interest in which you plan to do your Masters and also
      state reasons as to why you want to pursue graduate studies.It is
      not an essay competition or a blog where you pour your heart

      1. Hey trupti i totally agree with u. I think HSB was underprepared while making this statement. As the above article says 'emotions demonstrate vunerability'. Who wants to be vunerable in theri SOP's? I mean the main standout of your application is SOP and u want us to be vunerabla at the very first step. My very personal opinion would be that the SOP should be highly proffesional.

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