One More Way To Get Your F1 Visa Rejected – Hide the Facts

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I wanted to know whether can we select ‘No’ option for the information say have you rejected twice within the last 12 months for booking an appointment for the visa interview because there are no dates at the movement.

Will they come to know about it in my interview letter.

Have you got any experience in such cases.

Please help me as soon as you see my message. Waiting for you reply.

Booking F1 Visa Interview

This is sure way to get your F1 Visa rejected.

What are you thinking?

Looks like you assumed US Consulate will not keep track of your visa interview?


Read this – F1 visa Interview Tips, not Tricks

Don’t hide the facts.

Very likely they will remember all the answers you gave during past interviews.


  1. HI this prasad here i have rejected twice in spring 2011 and rejected in fall 2012 so i am reapplying with my tofel score any chance to get the visa should i change the university or same university to be applied so please give me suggestion

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