Get H-1B Receipt Number By Calling USCIS?

Raghuram Sukumar H1B Visa 12 Comments

Thanks Selam for posting this comment on how to get H-1B Receipt Number by calling USCIS. The problem here is that not all employers will be willing to do the steps described below.

  1. I called 1-800-375-5283 and chose option 1 (for English),
  2. Choose option 2 (for check status of Application),
  3. Next, select option 3 (for lost H1B receipt number)
  4. You will then be talking to a customer service rep. Tell them you have applied for an H1-B visa and you haven’t received a receipt number yet. The rep will ask when did you apply (it needs to be more than 30 days) and at which service center.
  5. Then you will be transferred to another rep who will ask you for your name and some other similar questions.
  6. You will then be asked for some info about your employer.
  7. These include your employer’s name, company name, address and federal tax ID # (same thing as Federal Employer ID # on your I-129 form).
  8. You will be told to wait for a while as the USCIS rep will be talking to your employer (or a representative of the company).
  9. After the rep talked to your employer and you can ask for the H1B Receipt number. If your application is already in the system they will give it to you.


  1. Hi I called the above number and followed the procedure, but they are asking the application number? What is mean by this and how do we know this application number?..they said only with that number, they can tell! …can someone help?

  2. Hi,
    My fiancé has applied for a h1b premium processing through immigration attorney general. He comes under the capital exempt category since he’s working in a federal job and his attorney has mentioned sept 5th 2017 as his start date I want to know whether this will be his start date or uscis will give another date on their own as start date

    Thank you

  3. Many people can misuse this by giving your phone to a friend instead of your employer. The Federal Employer ID # can also be found on your W2 form.

  4. Hello all, thanks a million for the great post. Yesterday I saw this post and I went to my employer to make a call to USCIS to find out the receipt number. After few verification questions from the agent, they gave us the receipt number. I am little excited now… I know its not approved yet but atleast I am in the system 🙂 Thanks again and keep up the good work by posting & sharing valuable informations.

  5. Is a receipt # assigned if ones application is selected or once the application is received. I am asking because I didnt get a receipt # last year even though my attorney claimed one was filed for me.

  6. I just called that number to find out my receipt number, but they don't have my name in their system. What does this mean? They haven't received my application or they haven't process it yet?


    1. same is with me i called up and they dont have my name in system …..asked me to wait …..

    2. Ohh, what a good idea of trying that. Thanks for the great way of finding out my receipt number. I have been waiting and waiting, but still haven't got the receipt number. For sure, I am going to try it out

  7. hi all, just want any previous experience about who applied under title research assistant , i applied under title veterinary research assistant in a veterinary hospital, ,thanks

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