H-1B Receipt Number = 100% Approval Guaranteed?

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The H-1B 2010 season is on its way. Still, a majority of the applications are yet to have their receipt numbers.

If you happen to read the comments in some of the H-1B Visa 2010 related discussions going on here at HSB, you will see that first time H-1B visa applicants are quite happy because there will be no lottery to be held.

Likewise, they were thinking that receiving an H-1B Receipt Number from USCIS is equivalent to getting an H-1B visa petition approval. But is that true?

H-1B Receipt Number

After USCIS gets the H-1B visa petition from the attorney, they will assign a unique number (alpha numeric) to each petition.

That unique number is called the Receipt Number. A receipt number will start with the codes EAC, WAC, LIN or SRC which stand for the visa processing centers.

USCIS will send the Receipt Number (a two page document) to your immigration attorney.

You can get the receipt number from your attorney. By only using that number you can check the status of your application from USCIS Case status online webpage.

If your H-1B visa petition is approved, you will receive an H-1B Approval Notice I-797, which comes in different versions.

I-797A, I-797B or I-797C will be issued based on your individual case. So receiving an H-1B Receipt number is not equal to an H-1B Approval. It’s just the first step towards an H-1B visa approval.


  1. Hi,

    Today I got my refund back. I got the cash 50k from ASGI office today.

    Glad that finally they have settled the refund.

    Thanks Guys

    1. Hi Tamil,

      Can you please let me know how you got the money back? I have been following it up and I still have not got any money from them



  2. Hi.. Zipper, I cant say because I havn't asked any refund before.

    I think they will give back our money in case of no approval.

    I have been trying to contact them for last four days but nobody is available, no updates yet.

    I think Sujitha is in USA for our approvals ( as per last email )

    Now it is difficult to believe on ASGI. I will wait for one week more and will ask for money.

    has anybody visited to Chennai office???

    1. You r right guys,ASGI are simply cheating us. I guess they are going to close their Chennai office sooner..that is only remaining now. so we should act asap

        1. guys,

          they are not even picking up the phone calls. I think they are ready to close their chennai office..packing their things i guess..so we better hurry ask to return our money..no feedback so far from them..

        2. guys, allied chennai office is going to be shut tomorrow, we are all going to lose 50k that we paid them its all over now

  3. Today nobody is picking up phone. I am going to ask money back. Now it is beyond my control. They have cheated us, guys we must teach them lesson. Let us make unity and together let us do Police Complaint. I have been victim of ASGI for last two years.

    1. Hi,

      For asking money, first they are not picking the phone and if sombody picking also they will say concerned person is not avalible. I have tried and this is happening again and again…

      We have to thing alternative way to collect the money… No use to mail because you may not get reply form them

    2. Hi

      You r right. Now it is time for teach a lesson to ALL ASGI employee and we make a unity and publish their fraud story in Media.

      1. I hope the things are gone out of our hands because I have sent many mails but not getting the reply for single. and Calling then the phone always says busy.. I think they kept hung. So… they have cheated us…

        I hope it is very hard to get money back ….

    3. Hi Dream,

      As your experience with ASGI people… Will they refund money in case of not apporved…

      1. Hi all,

        Yash is 100% correct. We have to form as a group. We have to send a mail to ASGI by stating dead line. If they don't come up with proper out put let us go for police complaint and media also. This is the time to get back money at least.

        Even if we delay we won't get any thing.

        So please share your contact Ids a with yash. I hope every body will share.

  4. did anybody get their reciept nos or approvals from ASGI?

    i think not.

    guys, this is enough.i conclude that this is a fake company.Lets ask them to return our money ASAP!!

    I request everybody who hav applied thru ASGI, please take ur money back as early as possible…Otherwise, things might go worse from here…careful..

    1. HI

      I'm trying to ask money refund… but no chance… they are not giving replies to my mail and whenever I'm calling new person lifting the phone and saying concern person is not available.Every day I'm calling but they are bluffing like that….

      any plans to collect the money….?

      1. Every time they give new date, so now time is over and plans for collect money.Because it is a Fack Company and it's employee also untrusted.

    2. hi

      i have applied for H1B visa thru ASGI.

      Every time they r telling new stories

      .This time one more: they r telling a new named person called Deepa …gone for maternity leave..so no receipt numbers

      very hard to believe

      the time has reached , v should start asking back our money

  5. HI,

    Simply they are delaying the things and not providing any confirmations on H1B. Now, we have to think how to get the money back. Anybody asked about the money.any plans to get money back. I have red the message like one person applied last year and got the money back.. If anybody knows to get money back then we will proceed.

  6. hi all,

    did any one get any updates from asgi? according to mahesh, this week he will be able to provide the approval documents, but i dont think so. i waited since long, now cannot, enough is enough. i will take action from 18 onwards, if there is no updates. @ mahesh – we have given you enough time, your time is over, our time will start from 18 this month, be ready to handle the situation..


    1. yes guys..

      we hv to think about this matter seriously..they r really bluffing us with their cock n bull stories..trying to make fool out of us..i m not sure whether we would get the no's as they told us cuz diwali is round the corner..i dont think we would get our status on or before 18th..they would be on a holiday anyhow, rather than sending us our r.no's.

      what do u guys suggest?

      just discuss how we could deal this issue?

      1. hi rk9999,

        so far no news from mahesh, i think this time too he will try to drag the dates, we should teach them a lesson, what do u say, where is that bastard rahul mohandass? he is not in the scene, he took money and simply fled away.

        1. Hi rk9999,

          Yes, we have to do some thing on them. I called today to ASGI, new person lifted she told me that we may get the approval by this month end. Every time when the time comes they are saying the same thing. So, as per mentioned if they fail by OCT 15th they have to return the money.

          First, we would ask about the money in full amount. if they are not returning then as per laws we will file the case.

          wt do you say….

          1. hi sak,

            no use to call them, all the bastards are sitting there, i will difinatly take some action.

            Fake ASGI

          2. Yesterday, i was told that sujitha is not in station. something has to be done….Did anyone ask for the refund?

          3. Hi Kumar,

            I have asked about the money refund- they said concerned person is not available, and wait for this month end – they said…

          4. Almost I fought with the person who are lifting the calls. she said concerned person is not available she may come next week upto that we have to wait she said. and i have asked if you fail to give any confirmation about H1B upto oct 15th you have to give the money back then she said it is defined on or after oct 15th means time is there she told like that….

            I hope for getting back money also we have to struggle…

          5. Hi,

            Now they have no any new excuse then now they tolled concern person is not available. IT is Fraud company and not want approval time is over we will back our money with interest.

          6. Hi guys,

            I think u got the a new mail from sujitha….the mail is nothing but an attempt to make us fool again this time they delaying with another new story.Guys do not step back unless they give us the approval within 18th.Lets fix a date & demand our money back.And pls make a group for that because then u can file strong police case.Inform their fraud cases to the media.

    1. hi

      yesterday they told me that they will send approval notices through email between 11th or max 15th of this month

    2. Ummm…. Every time they are doing just post pone when the time comes. Now they are saying Oct 18th. this is also just post poning.

      So we should do something if they are not giving any confirmation reply upto Oct 15th. I hope if they are delaying after oct 15th also it is not excucable.

        1. hi hit,

          many congratulations to you!!!!

          did u really get ur reciept number from asgi?

          if so, when exactly did u get it? who sent it to you and how?

          plz can you tell us all,so that we can hunt them around and get ours as well?

          thanks in advance..

        2. hi hit, this is shikhil. i have also applied from asgi… i didn't receive the receipt number as yet… keep updating us…

        3. Hi Hit,

          Have you got the receipt number thru the ASGI. When did you get it and wt is the status. Because in the pool of the people who applied thru the ASGI no body got the their receipt number except you. Please keep updating us your status.

  7. Hi Guys,

    They are still updating the same story.I gave a dead line date Oct 15th. After that they asked to return my money.



    1. Hi

      By this time they must have get the atleast the receipt numbers if they applied. Even they are not sharing the receipt numbers. when I called then they told me they have not received the receipt numbers at the indian office. and they delayed from long time means they have not applied I hope…..

      I dont know whether we can get our money or not.

      Any body asked for the money…

      1. Still they are kept on hold and no status updates as one week gone. Even they are not ready to disclose the receipt numbers upon completion of the audits. They delayed the 2 months for giving the receipt numbers because of audits. Even completion of audits they are not giving the receipt numbers means they might not applied for all I hope. Simply they are delaying things.

        1. Hey guys any update, anyone tried to call them or anyone has got their approval……….?????????????

          1. As of now no updates, I called them- they said whenever they get updates then they are going to mail us. That's all… shall wait for the mail

          2. hi guys…

            i am also waiting for Approval but now am not hope because every day they are change answer and one more think if they get then why should not give us. so now no reply.

          3. guys,'

            did anyone get the approval.i called them up and they told me that they have got approvals for 50…the result for the rest will be known in 10 days time. is there anybody out there who has got their approval thru asgi.pls let us know

          4. No Reply from ASGI. Even nobody can pick the phone. so, it is a Fake Company.Now Hope is Over

          5. hi,

            i called them today.i was told that by 11th to 15th of this month, they'd send our approvals.let's see…

  8. Yesterday Sujitha told me that approvals will get only by October 2009. Anybody do you have any idea? Any updates from ASGI?

    1. Guys,

      What have you all decided? I too got the same reply from Sujitha , that I should wait until October….But I dont know if I should. Has anyone asked for the refund?

      1. hi,

        I called them y'day.I was told that still the audit is going on and that will b finished by end of august(?)…

        I asked for USA office number to call them straight away to know the exact status.I got the ph number and the person's name. I m gonna call him when i get some free time…

        1. Hi,

          I have too called US office, They are also saying the same thing that audits are still going on… and it is unpredictable that when it is going to end. I hope this is not proper reason,

          wt my asumtion is simply they are delaying and when it comes to last date Oct15th. they are going to say may return the money… that's all…..

          1. Hi,

            Everyday change their answer,Sujitha said in after few days we will give your Approval.but i am not trust on that statement.because still date they are not give our receipt number.

          2. hi guys ,

            today i called them and they said they have already received approval notices for 20 members ,by this week end they will receive all the approvals and after they will scan the approval notices and send it to our mails he said, things are going positively hope for the best

          3. Hi,
            I got a mail from sujitha saying that they got some of the approvals say 12 members in US and yet to be received to india office. They will be sending the same when they got.

  9. Two days back I called ASGI & asked for Receipt number.They told me some audit is going on in USA office & you will get receipt number only after when it ends. They are not ready to give exact date. Are they cheating us?

  10. hi,

    I called them this monday. I was told that some audit is goining on in their company.so, the higher management asked these guys not to disclose the reciept nos until the audit is finished. Not sure how that process is related to ours.when i raised the same qn, they told me that its an order from higher management.

    However, finally what they told me was that they will send the reciept nos to all of us very soon most probably next week since that audit will be finished by that time. they told me that they have filed a (300) number of applications this time around and got the reciept nos for almost all of them since there was no lottery system.

    i told them i was fed up with their replies so far ,and not responding properly when i called them.(some silly reasons such as the concerned person went out for a break..not availiable etc). i openly discussed all these things with them on phone.

    but he gave me his word as they would definitely send our reciept nos by the end of july..dont know how far its possible…

    if anybody has anything else, plz share their thoughts…

    1. Hi,

      Me to called them and got the same reply.. I'm not sure how it related to disclosing the receipt numbers and audits going on….

      they told me it is going to complete by july end and can get the receipt numbers by next onwards…

      1. Guys,

        Till what date you people are planning to wait ?… I beleive that the things are out of our hands now………!!!

        1. i dont know when all this crap would come to an END. i hv gone another step ahead nd asked one of my frnd who's working there for the last 2 yrs to enquire about all this crap!!!.

          just waiting for his update…

          1. I also got the same reply.

            but we dont have any thing except to wait for them?

            Will come back again on the thread if i got the receipt number.

          2. another bs reply. no audit prevents anyone from giving out receipt numbers.

          3. @FANAT1C – Rightly Said. I have been following the comments related to certain consulting company not providing receipt numbers. Everytime when someone calls, they say some crap reply. Either they didn't apply for H1 or don't want to issue the receipt numbers. Not issuing Receipt numbers due to audit is is answers to those who do not know the legal rights of H1B Visa employer and employee.

          4. any more news on the ASGI front? i have been following this thread for a while now.

          5. Hi rk9999,

            Do you got any reply form your friend about the ASGI, if you get anything pls share with us.

          6. Hi Frnds,

            I was told that AUDIT is still underway (2nd level) :-000)))))..

            Dnt know when it ends…

            Results extended for another week….

            another update coming sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon….!!!!!!

            stay connected…!!!

  11. Hi everyone,

    Please let me know what the best time to go for visa stamping this year!!!!

  12. i applied with rie aid for h1 visa
    they send me saying that they got my aproval notice
    then they asked me for my address , but this was 3 weeks ago
    does anybody applied with rite aid got his papers

  13. Hi All,

    I have filed for H1 through a consulting company and haven't received the receipt number yet. Whenever i call them they say wait we will get back to you. Can i trust them, that they have applied for my H1. How long it might take to get the receipt number any ideas or suggestions please?

  14. can i apply for H2b extension while my H1b on proces? because i do not want to loose the chance for either one. right now im on h2b, seeking extension for next season, in the mean time i filed my H1b as well.

    i got the H1b receipt already and RFE after that (request for Evidence) for additional evidence. it was minor RFE regarding TARP. My employer sent the reply of TARP that they dont have any funding from the govt. vailout money. now not sure USCIS gonna approve my H1b or not, i hope they do because they did not ask for anything else, seems like everything is correct. my H1 start day is Oct 1st 2009.

    i have H2b in hand till Oct 31st. To go further more after Oct 31 to May 2010 or so extension process started already and need to file by June. although H2b start day is after H1b start day, anytime in NOV or DEC.

    what should i do now? my H1b process is done, got receipt and waiting for final result by anytime. H2b extension needed what if i dont get H1b approval. i do not want to be illegal or leave the country right now. is there any chance to get canceled my H1b if i apply for H2b right now while H1b on process?

    Note: i filed my H1b as a transfer of status from H2b to H1b.

    Please help me…

  15. Hi PVRAJU,

    thanks for the updates, by the way did you ask them as to what do they mean by Attorney not in US. Did they mention that we will all be sent the receipt notice by this Friday?

    1. hi yash , i havent asked them y the atorny is not in us, but what she said is she will send the eac numbers by this week end , you to just call her , her name is sujitha find her mobile number in the mail that u received

      1. HI pvraju

        I will do that, am really frustrated, havent got any updates abt our application status till now

        1. Guys ,

          Do you have any updates on when will they give the receipt numbers…

          1. Its really frustrating with out knowing the status.. did anyone of you call them?

          2. Yash ,

            I called them. They say that the attorney would be back by Wednesday or Thursday and after he comes, he would send the list to HR manager US and then it would be send to the regional managers….

            Its really a long time and still they were not able to give the receipt numbers…..

          3. yeah syed, i did call them sometime ago and they gave me the same answer.. but its really annoying, waiting till next wednesday πŸ™

          4. Siv,

            not this wednesday, its sometime next week πŸ™

          5. Oh they said its by this Wednesday or Thursday for sure…

          6. Anyway lets all be positive and wait for few more days

          7. Hi Guys,

            Called them up today.They were positive about sending our receipt numbers either on Friday or Saturday…So lets wait and see

          8. Siv,

            thanks for the updates, thats really a great news indeed.

          9. Guys ,

            I am not sure whether they will be able to provide the receipt numbers on Friday or Saturday….

            When I called , they did not give any concrete answer……..

          10. @Syed – It's not like USCIS have a deadline to send the Receipt Numbers. So, employer cannot grantee that you will receive the receipt number by specific date.

          11. Syed, What was the reply from them? I do not know what are they trying to hide from us… but it seems to me that they are in some kind of confusion…

          12. When I asked them whether the receipt numbers will be obtained by this weekend, they said its not confirmed. They told that the attorney is not only handling their case , but also others. Hence when the attorney gives the receipt numbers , it will be intimated to us………..

          13. thanks syed, am not sure when this long wait is going to come to an end…

          14. Hi Guys,
            I called them up today, they said they have already got the receipt numbers & sujitha would inform us through phone or email latest by this week.

          15. Hi JAF,

            Even I called them, and they said they got the receipt numbers but not for all. when they get all the receipt numbers then only they are going to send the numbers by the next week maximum.

            and anybody have latest updates…. post it ASAO

          16. Hi Guys,

            Just received an email from Sujitha stating that the receipt numbers will be notified to all only by july 1st week..

            2 more weeks long wait n too not sure what would they say then … irritating

          17. Hi,

            Today, I got a mail from ASGI, saying that they are going to provide the receipt numbers by july 1st week… I dont know why they are postponing every time. Hope for the best for this time at least.

          18. guys, i spoke with someone from allied now and they say that they should be able to get the receipt numbers for all by july .. the same story we have no choice but to wait for another 2 weeks πŸ™

          19. Did anyone ask them the reason? Why is it getting so delayed?

          20. they say that they received the receipt numbers for some n waiting on some other cases n also they are waiting to consolidate the receipt notice region wise and send it across,

            siv, pls can u also call them n ask them abt the correct reason n also whether they are in any trouble n update us?

          21. Did anyone of you called Allied and asked them about the status ?…I really dont know what's happening

          22. Is Allied reliable ? … The reviews in net about this company is not good….

          23. guys,

            i tried calling allied's blore no, nobody is responding to calls it seems to me that they have closed down their coimbatore office and i think the same with blore office, i tried calling chennai office few a times n nobody is responding well, i tried calling the operations manager (sujitha) n there was no response from her mobile

            i guess things have gone wrong totally, the US number that they have been using till now is also not working

          24. Hi Yash,

            I did call them up at their chennai office, they have assured me that I will receive the receipt number in the next two days.

            So hope for the best….

          25. hi yash i also applied for h1b through allied groups and i m also very tensed these dayz, as they are not responding to us properly with receipt number. it might b possible that they received our receipt number but they don't want to reveal it to us.

          26. Hi JAF,

            I did visit their blore office and it seems that they have closed down their blore branch, i did speak with someone in chennai office a few minutes ago and he assured abt sending the receipt numbers in a couple of days..

            But am not sure abt the assurance as this what we have been hearing for abt 2 months now

          27. Guys, anybody from chennai who have processed their H1B application with allied? I would request you guys to visit them in person and update us all.

            Visting them personally would kind of let us know the current scenario. pls do update

          28. i have appllied through allied. But no updates on getting receipt number.

            had any one got the receipt number.???


      2. hi guys,

        i think we need to wait till july 1stweek although its really a frustration for us.

        ten more days to go…count 1.2.3……..

        1. looks like ASGI is one of those desi companies that excel at the art of disappearing with ur money. its quite a trick you know.

          1. Are you sure abt it fanatic? am worried a lot πŸ™

          2. hi yash

            i have called them yesterday and they said by this evening they are going to send receipt numbers , so be happy



          3. Hi pvraju,

            I do not know why these ppl are not willing to disclose the receipt number details,

            guys whoever has applied through Allied pls call them n enquire them abt it, its high time that we do something

          4. HI Guys,

            From today onwards July 1st week started. So, anybody got the receipt numbers orelse any information form the ASGI. Anybody called them for the same..

          5. Today I called them and asked when do I get the receipt numbers. They said june 1st week you may receive either by call or a mail.and I asked july 1st week means this weekend only right? then they replied july 1st week means from 1 to 7, in between you may receive, they said.

            and anybody got updates.

          6. hi Zipper,

            I did call n got the same update from them, lets wait for few more days or else we have got to decide what next

          7. guys, they are not sure abt sending the receipt numbers even by 7th, they are giving the samply reply by saying that sujitha is still working with the attorney, not sure whether waiting for some more days months makes sense

          8. Waiting after July 7th does not make any sense………..

          9. Syed, i think they havent processed our application at all. It looks scary and they are not ready to commit anything when we ask them the day we are expected to get receipt notice

            Most of them have got their approval notice n just waiting for visa stamping whereas in our case we dont even know whether or not our cases were filed with USCIS. these guys have closed their blore office n coimbatore office too.

          10. guys, v have to do anything now becoz its a high time. its better to pressurize them for our receipt number.

          11. well i have no association with them as im not a contractual worker. but the reviews for asgi on desicrunch are appalling so i would prefer never to have to deal with them. this year with the uscis strictness, it is quite possible they never applied for u and are just wasting ur time. because receipt numbers were given out long before now, and most people are sitting with their approval / denial notices already.

          12. hi finatic

            please stay away from this blog if u did not apply from asgi , we know about the reviews in the net there are some negative reviews and some positive reviews are there and now you need not remember them for us

            please stay away and dont kill our hopes

          13. Fanatic, i have the same dbt that since the day they started delaying the things, i have already ruined my chances i think πŸ™

            i do not know what to do next

          14. guys, dont loose ur hopes..keep faith..i think we can wait for some more days, probably till july 15 cuz i remember last year my frnds got their reciept numbers in july itself.

            B+…hope for the best..

          15. rk9999,

            I understand that there are chances of getting receipt notice even now but these guys are not giving proper response as to when they can give us the receipt details, we can believe their words if they send the receipt details at least to few ppl(whos details they have received from their attorney) if not to all.

            if we keep on waiting, we might end up with nothing thats what am worried abt

          16. Hi rk9999,

            WIth the same ASGI, your friends got the receipt numbers in july 15th is it? if it is can you please ask them how this consultency is?

          17. guys its high time we do something we have all been fooled by these guys, i dont think our applications are filed with USCIS at all, had they filed it we would have got the receipt numbers by now…

            Waiting is not going to end..

          18. HI,

            I called them today, they said, by july 15th they are going to send the receipt numbers" again same story repeated. and I have asked the reason and the same reason they are saying "not received all the receipt numbers" hope less

          19. @pvraju

            Dude, firstly this blog isnt owned by ASGI, nor is this particular article about ASGI so i dont get under what basis have u asked me not to post anything if i havent applied under ASGI.

            while it makes sense to keep hammering ASGI for receipt numbers, face facts guys. does it seem realistic when all you hear is excuses? so u screwed up this one time choosing ASGI, thats ok. everyone does that once in a while. did u guys pay for your H1 to ASGI? that is illegal. read the H1 rules. the employer is supposed to bear the cost. lets say u ddnt pay ASGI, and they ddnt file ur visa. Great. nothing gained, but nothing lost. u've learnt the lesson stay away from ASGI. now if u paid them, thats a whole different story. when u pay anyone for anything, u should get a receipt, with what u paid for clearly mentioned there. if u havent, then clearly u have been taken for a ride. if u have, then use that receipt against ur dubious consultancy and get them for illegal actions on their part. sitting and praying for a receipt number isnt going to help. get moving and do something about it.

            the "not got all receipt numbers" is a bs story. firstly they cant give u "all" receipt numbers, because you only should have access to one of them. so if u have a real receipt number, no need to delay it by giving bs reasons.

          20. Anybody called today? Shall we communicate and then we can decide what to do next? what do you say all

          21. hi guys

            i called them today and he asked me to call after 5 pm today

            to get the updated news

          22. guys try to visit their chennai office in person n talk with them if u know that they havent filed our applications, its time to get back the money.. so only option is visiting them in person before things go totally wrong

            what do you guys suggest?

          23. hi guys,

            I dont know anyone who applied thru ASGI, but i was talking about those who got their reciept numbers applied thru my current employer.FYI, they got thier reciept nos in mid july last year…i couldn't point out exact date.

            Moreover, i m gonna call them tomarrow and will ask them clearly.

            nevertheless, i m gonna wait for some more time…

            Raju, hv u called them this evening?

            could u update us plz?

          24. better get some legal stuff ready to demand your money back. i doubt they have given u receipts for anything. you may want to consider complaining to the DOL to get their operation shut down. also remember, if you pay for an h1 visa, consider that money gone whether or not u get the visa because paying is illegal.

          25. Hi Guys,

            It's really irritating to wait this long, but I know this company, they won't disappear with out money, if we don't get our visa, they will definitely returns our money, this I am telling from my past experience with them.

            I had paid last year Rs. 95000/- for h1b2009 and unfortunatly it did not work out last year. They refunded my entire amount. This year I have paid Rs. 50000/-, I am sure if it does not work out they will refund our money.

            Anyway this is security deposit and not payment for visa application.

            So lets hope for the best. Things will definitly work.

          26. Thank you very much JAF,

            Atleast, you helped us alot not to bother about our money.

            First thing we should keep in mind is that, if they are going to commit any kind of fraud, they will not respond to us when we call them. Fortunately, it never happened so far. if not for the first time, but they responded for the second call and replying to us.

            I phoned them this afternoon, was told that they would send our reciept nos at any time on or before 15 of july.

            i think we can consider that as the deadline to get our reciept nos.

            if not, we will think about the money returns.

            i m gonna ask them to return my money in case they will not send the reciept no by that date..

            Cheers :-))))

          27. Does any one know any person who has got visa stamped through ASGI or any one who was/is working with ASGI ?

          28. Guys, i did visit them in person last friday and i got to hear the same story n have asked me to wait for 2 more weeks, its better if u guys visit them in person(chennai office) n pressurize them only then, the regional manager will try to do something, otherwise its going to be difficult

        2. hi, i have also applied for h1b through allied groups and very confused by their behaviour of proscastinating the things.

          1. yeah i did visit their chennai, it seems that things are not that not fine with them. nobody was ready to give a proper date as to when receipt details can be obtained

          2. hi, today i definately gonna call'em. and wil let u know their new excuse for lingering the things.

          3. sure, pls do not listen to their stupid stories anymore and ask them to give back the money(full refund). The regional manager is the one who is playing with all of us, we need to get going n do something abt it, they have already ruined our chances

          4. I am not sure whats happening with them…. Did any one ask for the refund of the Money ?… Its high time that something should be done… At the max it will take 3 weeks to give the receipt numbers and definitely not 3 months….

          5. Hi shikhil,

            Have you called today??? what they said…

          6. ya i called them today, they told me, we will be start getting receipt number today evening or at the max by the end of this week. we have to give them a weeks more time. and thenafter we have to ask for our money refund, and def. have to take legal step against them.

            so be positive and keep patience for this week too and thenafter the ball will b in our court.

          7. hey, how are you. look there is no point of panic, keep patience. today, i discussed with one of my friend he is actually running his own h1b sponsorship company. he told me the companies do file the h1b of their employees through courier. and then from uscis they start getting physical receipt number through courier.

            sometimes this procedure takes even august and september too. just give them this months time period also.

            and please don't panic guys, everything will be alright, just believe in god.



          8. Earlier they said, they got some of the receipt numbers and they are waiting for the remaining. But now they are saying that going to start the receiving the receipt numbers…. So, How worth to believe those words…

          9. guys,

            i heard from some of my friends in the US that the US consulate is very stringent when it comes to verifying the docs which means that there might be denials , this also might be the reason for some consulting companies not relieving the receipt details even though they have received it,

          10. Guys , till what date you people are planning to wait…..July 15 also arrived and still the wait has not come to a halt…Its better that we go groups and demand for the money……

          11. @yash

            Hello, the USCIS is stringent about documents and rightly so, however there is no rule about not giving out receipt numbers. in fact the employer is supposed to give out receipt numbers. so that is hokus-pokus that they are giving u about USCIS being strict.

            If u go in 1’s and 2’s, then they are just gonna give u some crap about next week. Go in a large group and demand your money. Also file a DoL complaint for H-1B fraud for taking money to file H-1B.

          12. be optimistic that’s what i can say now. i m giving u my email id it is shikhil(dot)cool(at the rate)gmail(dot)com, here dot is (.). so taht we can speak personally.

          13. guys,

            i called them y'day, was told that they would send our reciept nos by EOD today i.e july 15th at any cost.

            so, lets see…

          14. Hi Fanatic,

            What you have said is correct, i am not saying anything in favour of allied the truth is that there are into some kind of trouble thats for sure..

            what all we want to know is whether or not our applications filed with USCIS and to know the receipt numbers.

          15. Hi Guys,

            I called them today, Again it happened same… They said my next monday or tuesday they are going to send the receipt numbers…the reason is they are collecting the receipt numbers they said….

            any other people called and what is the update for them????

          16. @Yash

            USCIS has been releasing cap count updates recently. It is fair to assume that they can do so, only after knowing about all applications at hand, which in turn means that every known application has atleast a receipt number.

            now lets see what ASGI replies every time – we will give u receipt numbers on day X, not we haven't got receipt numbers from USCIS. Which means that they either have receipt numbers and are sitting on them. WHY? or that they know they aren't getting any receipt numbers meaning they have never applied and they are taking you for a ride down the park. come october they can just spin some new lies on how ur application wasnt approved but USCIS did not refund money and that will be the end of everything. firstly paying anyone for an H-1B is really stupid because u have given away money for an illegal cause, which means if your cause fails, the money is gone. unless you form a sizable group and deal with ASGI, they will just rip you off and then rip more people off next year and the year after. now it is upto you whether you want to take it sitting down, or fight with tooth and nail till you either have a notice in ur hand from USCIS with your names on it, or your money. some frauds have been known to give bogus pre-existing receipt numbers with denial notices to all their candidates and since there is no name on the case status online, people assume its their own notice. what u need as a notice of action, in paper from the USCIS with ur name on it.

          17. Guys ,

            It is clearly evident by their delay that the ASGI might not have filed with USCIS. Hence its better that we demand for the money…..

          18. hi Fanatic,

            What you have said is 100% true and there is no point in waiting and it doesnt make sense also. we should think abt how to go ahead with this and demand our money back

            what do you suggest?

          19. Did anyone called ASGI ? … What was their new excuse ?

          20. Firstly you should file a DoL complaint for H-1B fraud as they are collecting money for filing which is illegal. Next try to get some document of your payment, either a receipt or a bank check clearance document and go to the office and ask for money back in full.

            If you don't get it, file a case against ASGI for fraud using the documentation that you have of giving them money. Do this in a group to put the pressure on.

          21. Hello guys,

            i suppose we can find out the receipt number, if Allied wants it using the link below, so now we can put pressure on them saying that they could find out the receipt numbers as follows.So, if that is true, then all this buying time is a big hoax.


          22. Fanatic,

            what is the procedure to file a complaint with DOL n do u have any idea abt it?

          23. thanks fanatic, i havent the faintest idea abt immigration layers who are based out of US

          24. thanks again fanatic. will try do to soemthing

  16. I got my H1B approval notice today through my employer. I applied through normal processing, masters quota.

  17. I applied through a consulting firm, PRNC based in LA last year April 2008 and until now, I have no notice receipt or any updates regarding my H1B application. My consultant said that I wait and they have already filed a grievance complain to USCIS coz until now there’s no update on my application. Additionally, she re-filed my application this year, April 2009 without no cost to me since I already paid the consulting firm last year under regular cap, no masters. But until now, I have not received any notice receipt, others got theirs already. Is there no other way but to wait?

  18. Hi,

    I applied for H1B visa thru a consulting firm, the Professional Resource Network and Consulting, Inc. based in Los Angeles, California. Is it a good company?

  19. can anyone answer my question my husband on a emergency bases has to go back to mexico all we got was the i797 that is pending if we go back to mexico can we still file for the visa frm there

    1. Consult with the same Immigration attorney who submitted your H1B petition.

  20. Does anyone know how long it takes to receive the actual Approval Notice by mail? I got my approval notice online on April 13 and haven't heard anything back from my lawyer since then.

    Another question is…What if I leave the US before Oct 1…It sounds like I need to get a stamp at the US consulate in my country. What document will they require for the visa stamping? Is there any possibility that they might not give me visa stamp to come back as H1B after receiving the approval notice?


    1. It could take 1-2 weeks for the lawyer to get the approval notice. You should check with her/him to see whether you need a new visa and what documents are required. You almost certainly will need a visa, and the consulate website will help tell you what to expect at the appointment.

  21. Im under Masters quota PP (Nebraska) but not even received the Receipt. People all over this site are receiving approval notices! How do I take this forward? Isnt it unusual that despite paying for PP I dont even get receipt in 15 days?

    1. I think that you applied at the wrong center. The USCIS only accepts H1B applications at either Vermont or California centers.

  22. hi ,

    i have applied for H1-B through a consultancy Allied groups. does this company has a good reputation.

    regards ,


      1. Oh no! Why didn't you research consulting firms before you applied. So sorry.

    1. Allied groups : I also heard that they are under investigation by USCIS. I don't know why people apply through consulting firms even after reading/hearing so many bad things about them each year ?

      1. Hi guys, has anyone applied through alliedgroups, havent heard anything from them yet, its really frustrating.. gina, zee would appreciate ur response. i called them to enquire and they have asked me to wait till june 1st week

        1. Yash, Gina,

          Since we all have applied thro' allied, lets be in sync and share our details thro' email or phone. That would be easy for tracking the visa status till the end.

          [ email id removed] . Do contact me.

          1. Hi Zee,

            thats a good idea… Pls do share your contact details, your private email would do fine..

            this long wait is really frustrating, esp when we hear ppl getting approval notices, we havent even received our receipt notice yet… they said that they would update us june 1st which means that we shall have known the status latest by next friday, lets have high hope n wait for the positive response

          2. Hi Yash ,

            I have also applied through Allied Groups. They say that the receipt numbers will be obtained in the first week of June.

            If you receive any updates please let me know…..

          3. Sure Syed will do same, meanwhile pls u guys update, incase if anyone of you hear from Allied

          4. Yeah syed, am not sure what do they mean by Attorney is not in the US. when i called them last week, they told me to wait till first week of june as their attorney has advised them to consolidate the receipt details and send it to the individual's once the receipt details of all the cases are received, now they say that the attorney is not in US, its totally confusing.. what do we do now?

          5. Hi yash, actually i gave my email ID in my last post. It got filtered .. Donno how to share it.. r u in any of d orkut groups, so that i can catch u frm thr?

          6. Hi Zee,

            Pls do share ur orkut details, i will send out an invite from my end.does it sound good? Hope you wouldnt mind sharing that info..

          7. Hi everyone,

            I have also aplied through alliedgroup.

            they have told me today to wait for 2 days. lets wait & be very optimistic abt the same.

            best of luck to everyone

          8. Hi Yash,

            I got the same email, just keeping my figures crossed & hoping for the best.

            do keep in touch. will update u once i am informed.


          9. yeah JAF, tensed and frustrated after this long wait, hope we reap the fruit, after this unusual long wait

          10. Guys ,

            Even me got the same mail. Really dont know whats happening…. Why the attorney has not been able to provide the Receipt numbers ?

            Totally frustrated and confused

          11. hi guys , i too got the same mail from ASGI and i have called them they said they are going to provide receipt number by this week end any way so hope for the best.

          12. Guys,

            Did anyone have any latest updates about the receipt numbers ?

          13. Hi,

            I have applied trhu the ASGI, but still not received the any receipt number from this month [june] onwards they are saying that going the send the receipt numbers by next week…

            any body got the receipt numbers…. please reply to this message

          14. Guys… Me too in the same boat as you all with ASGI.

            So what plans do you guys hold. Let me know how can we share our details and get in touch. I think we all should be in touch and take actions if required as a group.

          15. i have also filed h1 with allied solutions.

            please update if any updates u got.

  23. I have very basic questions . please answer me. Thanks.

    1.I have applied for H1b through regular mode.
    When can I apply for premium processing? Can I apply for premium after getting the receipt number only or before that?

    2. When can I join my sponsoring company at the earliest possible date?
    Can I join immediately after getting approval? or is there a time limit for starting date?

    1. It is better to wait until you have the receipt number. Otherwise it is very difficult for CIS to match the Premium Processing request to the correct petition.

      You can only start with the sponsoring employer on later of the start date for the petition, or the approval date, if you are a 10/1/09 case. If you are currently on H-1B status and changing employers, the answer might be different.

    2. Answer to your second question depends on where you will be when you get H1B approval (within US or outside US)

      1. I am living in USA on L1 visa and applied for change of visa … If it is the case , then when will be my earliest possible joining date?

    1. I am in US and applied under the Master's quota. I applied with regular processing, and I got my receipt number today.

    2. I got it Yesterday (30th April)… The Receipt was dated 24th April. Mine was Regular Processing, Non-Masters Quota, submitted at Vermont Service Center.

  24. One interesting question.

    As we all know, premium processing only speeds up the process. Premium processing does not mean that your chances of getting H1 is increased.

    But, my friends who applied through premium processing this year got their receipt number and when they checked the status online it says "Approval notice sent". (Meaning that their H1 is approved).

    So does this mean that the premium processing candidates have better chances and they get selected even before lottery? (I haven't even got the receipt number yet)

  25. I just a have doubt…and want some confirmation on this one….

    Does the receipt necessarily goes to the attorney? is this the part of the procedure ? or does it come to the candidate or employer?

    I am not clear on where the receipt goes as per the (USCIS) procedure. Coz i havent got mine yet

    1. Receipt number goes to the lawyer and the lawyer will intimate the employer and candidate.

    2. H1B is employer's petition, so it does not come to the beneficiary. If filed with a lawyer and petition has c/o address of lawyer, they will send it to the lawyer otherwise to the employer.

  26. The 15 days for Premium Processing starts on the day they officially received the case, so it’s 4/9/09 in your case. The status online should show if an RFE is issued. Sometimes cases take longer than 15 days, and in that case CIS should refund the $1000 PP fee.

      1. Nzomniac – I don't know who you're asking, however, in case it's me, I'm not saying you won't get an RFE. I have no way of knowing.

        1. Thanks Elaine…

          Yeah I know there is no way of knowing….Its just so frustrating to check the status everyday and the same message "case received and pending" appears….

          I misread your comment and assumed that u are saying that RFE is issued fairly quickly and that my case had crossed that time limit and so only option is for them to approve my case…

          Dont worry in case u dont understand …what I am saying…Its just that some of my colloeagues got RFE while some got it ….so I am sure that I will also get…just preparing for it

  27. I still don't get my receipt number yet. Is this normal? I didn't pay a premium processing.

  28. When I check my online status I get this (see bleow)……I have piad premium processing fees..the question is whether its exactly 15 days before they decide or whter there have been cases of premium processing taking more than 15 days

    also if my case is RFEd will I know about it online ? or will only my attoney get the fax

    Receipt Number: WAC0913XXXXXX


    Current Status: Case received and pending.

    On April 9, 2009, we received this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER, and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case. Please follow any instructions on this notice. We will notify you by mail when we make a decision or if we need something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service. We process cases in the order we receive them. You can use our processing dates to estimate when yours will be done. This case is at our CALIFORNIA SERVICE CENTER location. Follow the link below to check processing dates. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

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