Apply to Same University : Girlfriend and I Don’t Have the Same Profile

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I really liked your recent blog about “girlfriend applying to same university” . But i think you should write Part 2 of that article. Because My grilfriend and I had applied for MS in USA.

But our profiles are entirely different so could not apply to same university. Because quality education was our 1st concern.

So i am unable to figure out how will we manage to come together after college?

Can you write article as a part 2. What possibilities are there to find job at same place?

I know you usually reply to them who contributes to HSB, but till date i had nothing to share about. I am just final year student ,just done with application process.

I would like to share my experiences in future. Please reply or write article to guide those who want to live together after their studies. 🙂

Travel in USA

Long distance relationship, you may have to read about that from other relationship sites. I’m not relationship counselor 🙂

But, I can list options about travel within USA.

For any new comers to USA, it takes time to settle down. If you get RA/TA then your financial burden will be less.

It takes time to get Driving license. If you are within driving distance, then you need a car to travel.

Students during college buy cheap cars, that might not be reliable for long distance travel. So, you have 2 options with Cars

  1. Buy expensive car (Ultimate Car Buying Guide)
  2. Rental Car

Other option is Bus. Depending on where you attend college, there maybe bus service available between 2 cities.

I haven’t travelled by train, but that’s another option to consider. If you happen to have train connections between 2 cities or from nearby city, then it might workout.

Expensive option is Flight.

Lowest round trip you flight fare will be around $150, add taxi expenses from airport to home.

All the options listed above depends on how much you want to spend and distance between two cities.

Transfer University

You may not have profile to get admission in same university now, but after 1 semester, you can improve your profile and apply for his/her university.

You haven’t listed the universities where you and your girl friend have applied. So, its not possible to give additional details about university transfer.


  1. Actually, havin a girlfriend or partner living with you in the US can be an excellent way to ward off many difficulties of life in a new country. You are experiencing a very well known issue with academics, referred to as the two body problem. At this time, sadly, most American universities dont really bother with the two body problem for phd students, they barely care about this problem with postdocs, but some seriously address this issue with respect to tenure track hires. As a phd student with very limited resources, buses would be your best way to keep meeting. however, I must warn you that you must be prepared to deal with the two body problem for a very long time to come… even well into your 30s. It is not uncommon for academic couples to be on separate continents for years! So…. buckle up.

  2. my husband is a draftsman who is having atleast 8years working experience.i am a graduate in applying for a Phd in USA.can you please tell me how i go there with my husband?what should we have?

  3. Thanks HSB for quick reply.
    Yeah i have checked all possible ways to travel including car, flights, Amtrak..the point is i am considering this long distance relationship thing, but have to try my best to work this out(living together)
    We just applied to different 8-8 universities, so can not predict about our final universities right now. But in worst case scenario we may end up at opposite coasts…east-west. So is it easy to get a job at particular location ? by compromising salary package or anything?
    (My field is Computer science)

    1. As I said in the post, other possible options is something I cannot advise without schools. If you are not willing to share the universities you have applied, that’s completely fine.

      1. 1- OSU (ohio), Suny buffalo, vtech, TAMU, umkc, NCSU, UFL
        2- Northeastern, RIT, George mason, UTA, Suny binghamton, SJSU, NYU

        1. Based on this post… soon i will post a Blog on real experience.. Long Distance relationship, Job opportunity, University xfer & problems one might have to face.

          1. That will be awesome. Use the Share your experience form within Contact.

      2. Hi HSB,

        Hope you’re doing well!

        Is there any particular reason why few posts are not getting updated in blog.

        I’ve spent some good amount of time yesterday midnight and shared my TOEFL experience here but seems like all my efforts went in vain. I’m clueless why this is happening (not getting published). Anyways…….

        Best Regards,

        1. You must have received email update that I’m have moved your experience as blog post for publishing (soon).

          1. Sorry I missed it… The moment I log-in I go with HSB and then i’ll check mails…
            But I didn’t understand why this has been moved. I thought my experience would be helpful to other. May be I should have write it in a polished and presentable manner.

            No worries…. will try next time again if I come accross any good experience.

            Best Regards,

          2. You posted in community with 1000 members. Very few will read that. when I publish as blog post, several thousands will read.

          3. Ohh… I didn’t realize that… thanks for your help!


          4. Hi HSB,

            How are you doing?

            I still miss my post in this huge blog…. you moved my post as blog post but I couldn’t find it anywhere… Can you please provide me the link for it….
            Appreciate your patience…


  4. Hi i guess HSB was for more serious discussions..r we getting more inclined to eyeball grabber headlines


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