New Integrated Reasoning Section in GMAT from June, 2012

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Next generation of GMAT Exam conducted by GMAC to include new section – Integrated Reasoning. The integrated reasoning portion of the GMAT will capitalize on innovations in technology and assessments and feature questions that further enhance the validity of the test. These questions include information from multiple sources, such as charts, graphs, and spreadsheets. Examinees will be asked to analyze information, draw conclusions and discern relationships between data points, just as they must do in business school.

Next Generation GMAT

  • The overall length of the GMAT exam (three and a half hours) will not change.
  • The new integrated reasoning section – 30 minutes long
  • Replaces one of two essays
  • Verbal and quantitative sections will not change.
  • GMAT Score on the same 200–800 scale
  • Separate score for the essay (as they do now)
  • Another score on the new integrated reasoning section


Test Prep experts are saying that Integrated Reasoning section will be very tough. It adds another level of complexity and additional preparation time for GMAT test.

Even though many Business schools accept GRE for MBA admission, still applicants prefer GMAT. This new section might force GMAT potential test takers to consider GRE. But, it depends on new GRE Format that will be available from Aug 1, 2011. [ 50% Discount for GRE Exam]


  1. it doesn't matter whether it's easy or tougher.It will be tougher for all applicant,if it goes tougher.

    if gre would become easy(compared to gmat),then the corresponding gre score(required for B school) with respect to gmat score would definitely go up.

    the things remains same.

    kavtya is right,its not the exam which matters its performance relative to other which matters.

  2. im just saying that even if we have alesser score on the gmat it might still be considered better than a numerically equivalent score on the gre


  3. i cannot understand your reasoning that gmat test takers would prefer the gre

    surely if the new gmat is tougher the admissions team would consider that in deciding between a gre applicant and a gmat one.

    actually it helps outstanding students prove their aptitude

    1. Let me give you an example.
      To go from Point A to B there can can be 2 routes. If Route 1 is easiest (GRE) then obviously we prefer Route 1 right?

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