GMAT : Smart Test Prep Strategy

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Is there a way to study Smart for GMAT (and GRE). Techniques listed here today is taken from Official GMAT Site.

Recent survey was published about based on 800 GMAT Test takers last year to collect the following data

  • Hours Spent preparing for GMAT Exam
  • Average Number of study Hours vs GMAT Score

Data is reported by Test takers and and it is an estimate, but this shows the link between time spent vs GMAT test score.

GMAT Hours Preparing

GMAT Prep Time vs Score

6 SMART Test Prep Steps

  1. Gather information about your target programs
  2. Register for the GMAT exam and develop a study plan
  3. Familiarize yourself with the test structure, format, and types of questions you will face
  4. Establish a baseline
  5. Start studying
  6. Assess your progress

Now, you can apply the same step of 6  steps for GRE test preparation.

You can find a detailed 20 Step GRE Study Plan.

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