GRE Boot Camp Day 3

Raghuram Sukumar GRE 14 Comments

Tasks for Day 3 GRE Boot Camp. Today we are going to spice up the preparation with Only Tests and Word List.

Don’t read Testing Tactics Section and Don’t Review Answers. Take the test and make note of your answers.

  1. Chapter 7 – Reading Comprehension
    1. Complete All the Exercises (Only) – Don’t Review the Answers
    2. Don’t read the tactics section
  2. Revise Word  List 1
  3. Complete Word List 2
  4. Chapter 11 – Discrete Quantitative Questions
    1. Complete Practice Exercises Only
    2. Don’t Review the Answers
    3. Don’t read Testing Tactics section
  5. Chapter 14 – Mathematics Review
    1. Complete Practice Exercise for Basic Arithmetic;
    2. Don’t review the Arithmetic Concepts.

Update Your Tracker when you have completed the exercise. I plan to consolidate the tracker into single sheet after Day 3, since very few from each sheet are actually taking part.


  1. please do let me know when will be the next 'boot camp' will bw started.plzzzzzzz….its a gr8 idea to start GRE, wanna be a part of this.

  2. Hey,

    I did the first word list, or at least I think so.

    If it would not be much of a bother, could you upload some exercise involving the uncommon or confusing words, please? It would be a great help.

    I am sorry we disappointed you with the relatively low response, but I'll try to keep up.


  3. Is it allowed that if we miss the task for one day, we can complete that the next day along with the new tasks?

  4. i scored in gre 1250

    i have to write my tofel exam

    please send me the funding universities list for ms in cs

  5. I just got the book delivered to me today, will the blog posts of this program be up even after the program is completed? I'm in my 4th year of college, it's going to be very difficult for me to work on GRE everyday, so I thought I could work on it every weekend.

  6. I think you should give some time to complete the tasks…Atleast 2 days for each day task.. Evryone's schedule is not always the same..

  7. dear sir,

    don't you think you are going very much faster…..?

    please let us make up with you.

    otherwise,we wont be able to get the essence of the boot-camp efforts.

    thanking you.

  8. What's the duration of the boot camp?

    Do you intend on completing the whole syllabus or just kick start it?

    1. Entire Barrons in 14 days is tough to complete in 14 days. Intentions is to get you guys started with GRE Prep.

  9. dont review the answers means…..

    we should not check the correct answers also or

    should not go for answer explanations

      1. Is this designed to help people who have started off on their preparation little early

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