GRE Dump – Download GRE Dump questions

Raghuram Sukumar GRE

I heard that there are something like GRE Dump which have test center GRE exam question. I am a bit confused. Could you please guide me? I also would like to know if it is a good procedure to prepare for GRE?

GRE Dump

GRE Dump refers to list of question that appeared in actual GRE tests. Such questions are shared by GRE tsst takers. I have read news articles about organized efforts to collect GRE questions in few countries like China and South Korea.

If you are good at searching websites written in Asian languages (Mandrin or Korean) then you should be able to get GRE Dump.

Other good sources is to search in forums and blogs.

GRE Test questions are confidential information. You will have to acknowledge that questions will not be shared from your test. Buying official ETS GRE books will give a clear idea about questions types and test pattern. GRE Big Book contain question from previous tests.

To prepare for GRE you can get started with 20 Step GRE Exam Study Plan and move on to 4 Month GRE Time Table. Alos, check out GRE Test Page for additional articles related to GRE Exam.