GRE Exam in 2 Weeks but Waiting for Passport

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I have already booked dates for GRE exam on March 16th, but I still I  didn’t get my passport. I had already applied n my police verification also was completed. Now can I write the exam or I have to reschedule it.

GRE Without Passport

ETS has specified certain documents and requirements that can be used for Identification. For International students Passport is mandatory document. One cannot appear for GRE Exam without passport (International Students).

Time and Time again we have said, don’t book GRE Dates without Passport in your hand. If you decided to register for GRE without you passport, you will run into following issues

Keep an eye out for the passport. Find out when is the last date to reschedule your exam. If you don’t receive your passport by that deadline, then reschedule your GRE test.

Other potential problem

Now, instead of preparing for GRE, all your energy is focused on passport. There will be that constant nagging feeling if you will receive your passport in time. If your GRE Test preparation is getting affected then consider rescheduling GRE test.

Chances of finding GRE test dates might be a challenge too, since many test takers are rushing to take GRE before new GRE test format is offered.


  1. In the passport, i have my name as

    Given name : Ramkumar Surname: Shri Swaminathan

    and the Father’s name mentioned in the passport as : ‘Shri Swaminthan’ but actual father’s name is ‘Swaminathan’

    I have all the certificates been mentioned as Ramkumar S S and father’s name as only ‘Swaminathan’.

    I havent registered for the gre exam yet. What if i take the gre exam now, and change the passport for changing the father’s name later, after registering for the exam.
    And am not going to change any of ‘my names’ while applying for the new passport.

    Will it cause any problems in future, or when applying for visa . Please clarify.

  2. I am appearing for the test in August.
    But I dont have a passport yet.
    I do have my Driver’s License and PAN card.
    Is this enough as ID proof??

  3. Can I get the examination date for GRE before 31st Aug if got registered this week? please help me out.

  4. Can I get the examination date for GRE if got registered this week? please help me out.

  5. yeah they don't allow to appear exam in any cost…i have seen many students crying out of exam center…so wait for passport or before 2-3 days of exam reschedule it…n check passport status on their website

  6. what if i dont get passport on time and there is no dates for rescheduling before july .

    Am i allowed to take my driving license for my verification?

  7. Hey, you could've done it in tatkal scheme! 🙂 It would've been good. I did that and I received it in 10 days. Anyway, go to the passport office and tell them why you need it.

  8. Hi HSB,

    After Aug'2011 no one can force students to take the Current GRE pattern, because no longer will it be available.

    All this posts will hold good only for few months until the easier Revised GRE comes into play!

  9. Hi HSB,

    This is Kalyan and I'm planning to pursue my one year filmmaking course in New York film academy in Los Angeles which costing me $36000. My question is is it worthable to pay that much, if so where should I plan my accommodation and what are the chances of getting visa for diploma courses?

    Please help me out, it is my dream to be a filmmaker.

    I have already applied and waiting for my I-20.

  10. if you don't have a passport carry your PAN card or any other identity proof issued by central government.but try your level best to get your passport in time.i hope you will get it soon.


    1. Dear Koundinya,

      Passport is mandatory for students from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
      They wouldn't accept any other form of identification except Passport.

  11. Make an inquiry at passport office & if you get it within dates well & good if not try to get a letter from regional passport office. That could work.

  12. Hello,

    Don't worry.You can go to the nearest Regional Passport Office with a request letter. You have to mention why you need the passport urgently and carry a photocopy of the confirmation letter of the GRE General Test.They will then verify it and dispatch the passport on the same day.

    Goodluck with your exam.


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