When to Take GRE Exam – May/June or November/December?

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Tanu Ask what is the best time to take GRE Exam?

I want to give GRE in may this year. I;m confused as i don’t know much about GRE and I have heard that there is some suitable time to give GRE and that is at the end of year.  But I want to give it in may or June.

When to Take GRE Test ?

GRE Right Time – Read  Best Time to Appear for GRE Test. If you decide to take in end of June and 2nd week of June in your practice test, if you score less than your target score, you may have to consider rescheduling the test or end up scoring less. There are lot of variables that goes into this.

There’s no point in taking GRE test when you are not prepared.

If you are well prepared, you can get your target score any day of the year.
National Presentation – It increases visibility of your profile. If you don’t have any presentation, don’t worry too much about it. Not every student getting admission in US have paper presentation.

GRE and Universities – Read the articles in this blog. You cannot expect to read one article and get all the information in 2 minutes.


  1. hi i completed b-tech 3rd year.. i want to writr gre in december.. can u suggest me how i want to prepare…i want to go for coaching in the month of july.. howi want to prepare from now.. which book is best for gre…

  2. hello, i am planning to take gre this july, but my problem is i have only one book "grebible" how do i get other books to buy, as i dont have credit card, is there another way of paying for theese book? Also what recommended books should i buy and where? i live in ghana.thanks.

  3. Hi,

    My(Preparing for GRE) English is pathetic and i am not able to grasp RCs well. I tried for one month doing 2 rcs per day but not seeing any improvement. I am usually getting 4 answers wrong out of 6.

    Can you suggest me a good RC/ sentence completion book so that i can work on it to improve my language skills.

    How is manhattan RC book ? shall i go ahead and buy it.

    1. hmm.. well RCs used to be tough for me too during my CAT 2009.. so I started reading different books and technology related articles on web, which gave me good grasp of grammar . After that i started solving RCs … there are different levels of RCs and you got to climb each level step by step and believe me you will find a change in ur score level in Rc's.

    2. i too faced a lot of problems with RCs during my GRE preparation.however i concentrated on loads of practice tests and mock tests of Kaplan,Cambridge as well as powerprep in the last two weeks before my test.The key is never keep looking at the time invariably while solving RCs.Read a paragraph,understand what the author is tryin to say and what is the gist of it.Then go to the next paragraph.I got 3 RCs in my mains.According to the pattern the 1st and the 3rd RCs are smaller compared to the 2nd one.So skipping the 2nd one means no harm.Getting your answers right is important.I used to get in 1100s before a week for the test.I followed this technique and scored 1420(790-Q and 630-V)

  4. sir/madam please help me also i need ur help . i am in big problem of not able to decide over ms or mba i have creative mind who wants to develop websites or something big and also want to have his own company and want to have world like infosys or other techincal business owrld but am not knwing what to do presently help me please

  5. Hi, this is Hafeezuddin. my question to HSB is that in my engineering i have many backlogs somewhere around 20 to 25. so if i get good marks in GRE can i get into USA.. can get selected in embassy interview…. i heard its a very tough interview….

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