GRE PowerPrep Practice Test – 920, How Much can I Improve?

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Here are some question about GRE PowerPrep Practice scores and their impact on the final (actual) GRE score.

Kavitha Asks:

My GRE unprepared powerprep test resulted in 310 Verbal and 610 Math. So after rigorous study for 2 months can result in what score?
Can you please tell me. This question can be answered by anyone who sees my post.
That means everyone would have taken this PowerPrep like me before preparing.
So after preparing how much you have got ?

GRE Power Prep

If you read the article GRE Score Calculator, and other GRE exam experiences in this blog, it will be clear that one’s final GRE exam score will be the average of the GRE scores from Powerprep tests.

However, if you took several practice tests before doing actual preparations, scores may likely vary.

How much can I Improve – GRE Score?

Well, it all depends on how much you prepare and how much effort you put in to study. Initial Power Prep GRE score shows your current potential.

So, amount of score you can get after 2 months is directly proportional to your effort and study methods.

Read 10 Steps To Improve GRE Scores and keep posting your progress in next 2 months. Readers in HSB will be interested to know how you are doing.

After 1 month if your score is not improving, then you have change the way you study. Student’s usually don’t plan on how to study for GRE.

They follow the same approach they got used to studying for exams. But, you need to have a study plan and stick to it.

Track your progress, only then you can measure your success and improvement.


  1. hello,i have applied for gre exam and i have left with a period of 20 days for the preparation..can u suggest me the study plan for a period of 20 days.Till now i didnt performed any mock not much good at english and with medium level of communication.kindly suggest any online free material also for preparation.looking forward to reply in anticipation.thank you

  2. Hi i have taken my GRE on oct 15th, i got a low score, so i want to take test again in november, but no seats available in Hyderabad, are there any GRE centers in Andhra Pradesh except Hyderabad.

  3. Hi… I have a score of 430 in verbal and quabt of 530 in the 2nd practice test of GRE.i would like to know is there any way that i can improve my score to get around 1300 in one month.Especially in the area of verbal.In a span of 15 days i had an overall improvement of 240 i.e. 120 in each.So how can i improve my scores to make it better.I got my exam in oct 1st week

  4. hi…
    I got 1070 in gre and I have 2 years of teaching experience…my academics are good like undergraduation 80%.
    10th 87%
    intermediate 94%
    i want to apply
    1)north carolina state univ
    2)michigan state univ
    3)houstan clear lake univ
    my stream is CSE…
    some of friends are asking to take exam again……
    what to do? give me some suggestions ..
    tell me some good universities of my range score…..

  5. m getting score of 720 and 300 in practice tests

    my exam is on sept 14th

    any suggestions to improve plz help

    to get above 1100

  6. can u please suggest some good univ for cs not too good not too bad average univ for me to apply during my exam

  7. Hey guys.My GRE is due in 5 days time.Jus took the first power prep test,got 630 in the verbal and 790 in the quant section.Think its possible to improve my score significantly?Ive referred to the bigbook and the kaplan verbal workbook.

  8. hi……friends…i have taken date 27th aug. for GRE n i have completed BArrons 12th edition…..still ithink i should do much in Quant..can u plz help me out in finding more books or links to get more practice…….n hey guys plzzzzz help me to get good score in verbal…i used to habe 280–360 in last 2-3 tests…..plzzzz send me ur reply on my mail id…i vl be very graateful to u guys…….

    1. At harsh

      Try getting hold of the big book.It really helps.Read the "Granta"-100th edition,if u can get a copy,helps in the RC part of the verbal section.good luck with ur gre.

  9. i prepared for 2 months seriously , i didnt able to manage my time in quants,i got 950 , my aggr in btech is 75% , am planning to write toefl in the end of this month , is there chance for me to get admission in to u.s universities .am waiting for ur answer .am planning to write my gre one more time

    1. shakir thats good idea to write once again or else its difficult to get seat in this wonderful pool of talents..ur GRE SCORE might beholden UR good score of engg study.. so studying for another 2 months will not cost much rather beget ur admission in avg university

      1. thanks for your suggestion , can i know about you kavitha..i have applied for 4 universities with the help of a consultancy , i dont know i did right or wrong bcoz the universities i applied are one old dominion,siue,gannon,texas A&M….i am loosing my intrest day by day …….

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