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GRE Practice Question : Quantitative Section

Raghuram Sukumar GRE 4 Comments

magoosh gre reviewGRE Practice Quantitative Section from Magoosh GRE.

Which of the following is sufficient to determine the area of isosceles right triangle XYZ (not shown)?

I. The height of the triangle
II. The perimeter of the triangle
III. Any one side of the triangle

  • (A) I only
  • (B) I & III
  • (C) II & III
  • (D) II only
  • (E) I, II, and III


Even though we don’t have a figure, we have been given a lot of information. Triangle XYZ is an isosceles right triangle. To translate that into simple terms: two sides are equal, and these two sides are the shortest sides. The longest side, the hypotenuse, will be opposite from the 90 degree angle. This type of triangle is known as a 45-45-90 triangle. The ratio of its sides is x: x: x?2, in which ‘x’ stands for the two equal sides and x?2 is the longest side (remember that ?2 equals roughly 1.4). So the longest side is 1.4 times the two shortest sides.

Let’s deal with the (I) first. If we know the height of the triangle, we know ‘x.’ The area of the triangle is (x)(x)/2, or x^2/2. Remember that height and base meet at a right angle, as do the two equal sides of a 45-45-90 triangle. If we know the height, we can solve for ‘x’, so (1) is sufficient.

For (II), we can simply add up the perimeter in terms of x, which gives us 2x + x?2. If we know the perimeter, we can solve for ‘x’. Once we know ‘x’, we can find the area. Therefore (II) is sufficient.

Finally, (III) is also sufficient, because by knowing any one side of the triangle, we can solve for ‘x’. For instance, if we know that the hypotenuse is equal to 4, we just solve for ‘x’: x?2 = 4, x = 2?2. Now that we know ‘x’, we can find the area. Therefore, the answer is (E).

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  1. how is height enough ..???
    how do you know It’s the side they ar referring to.>>>>>> when they mention the height… it could be the perpendicular drawn on the hypotnes <<<..that is also one of the heights.. so we are not shure which height it is..

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    I would be grateful to know whether these universities compromise on GRE scores. Can GRE score of 305 be sufficient get admission in one of the above universities?

  3. Hi Raghuram!

    Thanks for sharing this insightful blog post! It will definitely going to help GRE aspirants for preparing for quantitative section.


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