GRE Prometric Center at Gurgaon – Frustration and Low Math Score

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Shared by Abishek about Prometric Center in Gurgon.

I took my GRE on 29th December, 2011, at Prometric center Gurgaon. Every thing was going fine till the 10 min break. After the break I asked the invigilator to provide me with the scratch papers.

To my surprise the guy told me to first finish the remaining last page of my previous scratch booklet, before he replenish it with the new one. It was really irritating.

I carried on with my exam hoping that it would not be hectic to ask for the scratch papers in the middle of the section I was working on, as it was mentioned in the instructions, also told by the invigilator to just raise your sheet and they will replace it.

The invigilators were not there only in the exam room, nor were they sitting on there desk to observe the camera screens. I raised my hand continuously for 4-5 mins. No one came, I wanted to go out but thought it would be a waste of time and may be the breach of rules.

I got totally frustrated and lost all my focus and thus ended up in the worst maths section which got reflected in my scores.

I would thus like to suggest to these Prometric people to pay more attention on the test takers instead of being busy in there own gossips.


Did you get scratch paper at all? If so, when did you get the paper?

I’m trying to find a contact in ETS to forward this post.



  1. TRUE! these people at Gurgaon center are very dumb and dont pay attention to the students at all… I raised my hand thrice and no one came to help… I was about to start the math section when he happened to cross by me I urged him to be alert and demanded an extra sheet but the man there (one with mustache who speaks baffling english) denied me a sheet just because it had some space at the last page… I had the whole math section in front of me and he denied me a sheet… I started off with the section and had to scribke things here and there before he could see me raised hand (I kept my hand raised while writing with the other) and give me a new sheet..THE PEOPLE AT GURGAON CENTER ARE REAL JERKS AND INHOSPITABLE…

  2. I also took test at Gurgaon centre . But everything worked fine with me. Maybe I was lucky or it may not have been one of your days. Anyways all the best.

  3. The quality of the center, be it any exam, always haunts the exam-giver. Its really fortunate for us, here at Ahmedabad (India), that we have an excellent Prometric center. The invigilators are always ready to help keeping in mind the rules. Numerous students I know have given their GRE this year in Ahmedabad, none of which forget to praise how ideal the center is to give an entrance test of this level.

  4. It happened in Chennai too. One of the guys who was there at the time of my test was really irritating. During my match section, I asked for a new scratch paper when I was working on the last page .( Thats what ppl had advised me). He told me so rudely to complete the remaining page to get a new scratch sheet. Halfway working through the section I had to stat up in new sheet .:( Prometric should make sure that the invigilators be polite and helpful to the students . Already students come with loads of anxiety following up their dreams…

  5. I am sorry to maybe act as a black sheep of this post but i took my GRE on 4th NOV and TOEFL on 3rd DEC and i had a great time at the ETS Gurgaon center… in fact i have advised my friends to go for the Gurgaon center because unlike the above mentioned post I was asked if i needed a new scratch sheet, a Prometric guy was walking in and out of the test room every 10 mins, he was attending to our queries one by one. I think the day you gave the exam there must be the wrong staff or sheer co-incidence and maybe lack of interest shown by officials there.
    Anyhow…my sympathies with you…bad score for reasons out of your control can undermine and anger anyone!
    All the best!

  6. I also took the test in the same center on 19th September.The invigilator their is totally pathetic, they were even rude to me and ask me to leave the test and go home just because i asked them that i can’t switch off my phone but it will be silent and we can put it in the locker(There is some problem in my phone i.e.,it doesn’t switch on easily).I came to take a test from Dehradun and it was 4P.M and i asked them that i am new to this place it’ll be difficult for me if my phone doesn’t work.The invigilator there rudely replied and asked me to leave the paper.I was totally frustrated by then and the result of my paper was a disaster.

  7. Hi HSB
    I did get the scratch papers. I was too lucky to get them 5 minutes before my maths section was going to get over. They were of no much use to me, as I some how tried to solve the sums in the previous sheets I had and also didn’t left with much time. But in overall frustration I lost all my focus.

  8. same thing happened 2 me as too raised my hand for 4-5 minutes ..but no body came..but i then stood up.. then they noticed me n came..

  9. I gave GRE on Dec 20 in the same centre. Though it was not truly problematic it was neither pleasant one. Yes they can talk politely with the test takers. they have nothing to lose in being courteous.

  10. I took my GRE at the same center and yes its ‘the worst center’ to give it. They don’t even know how to talk properly even the guard who collect your things. Terrible experience.

    1. The Prometric guys dont sit at their seats. The just roam here and there. They dnt even monitor the candidates on the monitor. Really, too much unprofessional.

    2. Me too suffered.They cancelled my exam.Just because my passport name included my surname.It was very irritating.I wept two days long.They should be punished

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