GRE 1,430 – 10/11 Universities Rejected Admission – What’s Next?

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I have just read this comment and I thought of posting it here in this blog. This not something new this year. I will just add some more of my comments later today.

Nitin says:

Hi everyone!

I wanna share my sad story here, too. I have a decent profile (I still have the guts to say so!!) and I had applied at 11 universities in the USA to take an MS in electrical engineering program.

I have received rejects from 10 of them and I feel so devastated. I have a GRE Exam Score= 1430
GPA = 64 %
TOEFFL = 108
1 international publication, too
Got recos from IITD prof, and HOD of my college and 1 industrial.

Maybe I went wrong with my SOP but still, having 10 rejects tell of a different story. I can’t figure out what to do now.

I have applied at MIT, Stanford, UIUC, UMich, Purdue, Princeton, Georgia Tech, UW, Ohio, and UCSD.

Selecting U.S. Universities

  1. Rule Number 1 – No matter how good your profile may be, you need to apply at a few schools where the minimum requirements are at least 40% to 50% less of what you have. While applying for 11 schools, 3 to 4 of those schools should have been in tier 3 at the very least.
  2. Rule Number 2 – Having a good profile alone will not get you an admission. U.S. schools select students based on all students applicants. During recession time, there will be an increase in the number of applications received by schools.

Based on your profile alone, you should have gotten an admit at Georgia Tech. But as I’ve mentioned earlier, always expect a couple of students to get rejection because of the number of applications they received this year.

In other words, if your profile is better than your fellow applicants, you should get an admit. But if theirs are better, expect the likelihood of rejection.

What’s Next?

Nonetheless, you still got time. Just wait to see what the other schools will say. Apply for 2-3 more schools that have rolling admissions or deadlines that are in the June time frame.

Those schools could not be up to your expectations. After you have come to the US, just apply again for Spring semester in a better school. This will save you 1 semester of studies.

If that’s not something you are willing to do, just apply for Spring 2010. If you get an admit in one school you haven’t heard from yet, you should be good to go.

I know it’s tough to get rejections from 10 schools despite having a good profile, but just take this as an another challenge that you have to overcome in life.

The truth is, these seemingly sad experiences will actually make you better prepared to face bigger, more difficult challenges that await you. Good Luck!


  1. @Nipun – We cannot delete the post. You can read our Disclaimer and Privacy policy. However, for some of your comments, we have removed your last name.

  2. first of all your gpa isn't perfect. secondly, your research background may not be relevant to what the prof is looking for – you should have done your research on this. finally, profs may not have the funding for you – in that case, tough luck. try again next semester, and this time, be realistic.

  3. Hi everyone,

    I recently gave GRE and got 1440 Quant-800 and Verbal-640.My gpa is 6.6/10.Can anyone please suggest me which universities i should apply to for MS in electrical engeneering with scholarship.

  4. sir ,what things(scores or documents) generally i will be rquired to take admission in any foreign university generally

  5. Hey guyz i have applied to around 8 universities for fall 09 admissions but the issue is i have cleared my Backlog but couldnt update my transcripts as i was lacking time for applying and my backlog exam was kinda late s i send my transcript with live backlog in 7th semester. Now i am very tense whether i will be selected by any university or not.
    Please do help me.

  6. Hello:

    It is sad indeed that you got 10 univeristies reject your application. Looking at the list of Universities you had applied, all most all of them are hi-profile Universities. You may have good scores, that does'nt mean you should apply only to top schools. It's always a great idea to have a mixture of schools with average ratings or even below average ratings in your list. As long as it is an accredited University and the degree program you are applying for has good syllabus published on the web site you should'nt think twice about applying to any school. Not all Universities have the same kind of reputation for all programs. An MBA from Harvard can have an impact, but not a Biology degree from Harvard. A degree in Technology from MIT might be great, but the same degree from Yale might have the same impact if you get the degree from any average University. At the end of the day it's your expertise at work and the actual skills you acquire at work that will be helpful, not so much the University you graduate from. If it is not too late for Fall admission I would suggest that you choose some Unviersities with average rankings and send in your application. Good luck.


    1. Hi nipun even i am trying for the same college , canu just give say what was ur grade in B.E. and ur GRE and TOEFEL marks…. PLZ…………

    2. Hello!

      i am in 7th sem and having a backlog in 6th sem which i hope i ll clear in this sem,m planning to give gre this nov.Does it going to affect my profile or university selection at ne point.

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