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ashiwini nene

Ashwini Nene and Ganesh Kohli

Ashwini Nene is probably the first person in India to score 340 out of 340 in GRE. I sent list of questions to Ganesh Kohli, founder of KIC Education for email based Q&A with Ashwini Nene.

She shares her GRE Experience on how to score 340 in GRE with HSB Readers.


How do you feel about scoring perfect score in Revised GRE?

I am really excited. I expected to get 335+ but I never thought I would get 100% marks, so I am thrilled.


How long did you study for GRE?

I joined the KIC Education classes in August 2012 and continued until March 2013. So I studied for around 7-8 months.


Can you give an overview about your GRE Study Plan?

I worked with KIC Education, whose counselors helped me create a personalized study plan.

The math section tests basic math concepts. So for this section, I went through all the concepts and did a lot of practice from the KIC materials and also from popular reference books.

For the verbal section, vocabulary and critical reading skills are important. So I worked on my vocabulary and practiced solving different question types. In the last two months, I used to give mock-tests.


When you started preparing for GRE, what was your average practice test score?

My score fluctuated from 325 to 337. Initially my score was around 328 and later it increased to about 335.


What test prep materials (books, software, courses) did you use use for GRE Prep?

The classes formed the basis of my study, and videos of these were available for review at KIC.

I used various study materials provided to me as part of my program. In addition, I used Barron’s, Kaplan, Princeton Review and the official ETS guide. Top GRE Test Prep Books

How did you improve your weak areas in GRE?

The verbal section was the hardest part of the exam. So I consistently worked on improving my vocabulary by using GRE word-lists provided by KIC. I read articles from NYT, WSJ, etc. to enhance my critical reading skills. I also practiced doing the section under timed conditions to simulate the actual test environment.

What is your Dream and Target schools?

I wish to do an MS in computer science in the US, but have not decided my specialization. So depending on my specialization, I will have to choose my university. As of now, I have no particular university in mind.

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  1. I found KIC has an online learning center. Anybody has any reviews on that? Just to find out before stepping in. Thanks

  2. Well done Ashwini; this shows once again that sustained hard work pays off. What the readers of this blog site (most of whom are students aspiring to do their Master’s and PhDs) should realize is that every achievement requires this kind of effort. I remember Steffi Graf, while announcing her retirement from Tennis, saying that she could no longer find in herself the desire or the discipline to put in eight hours of training everyday. Imagine, eight hours! And that does not include the care with which you plan your diet, your daily routine, the hours of rest and so on. But scoring high in Tests is not just a matter of preparation; this is, of course, important, but it is also a matter of your attitude to study and intellectual effort. My son (he scored 168 in Quant and 165 in Verbal with about two weeks preparation during which he attended his regular college, took mrdangam lessons on weekends and played cricket and basketball in Saturday and Sunday afternoons) feels that you need only CBSE 10th Standard Math for the quantitative part of the GRE. But verbal test is something you prepare for all your life. It is a matter of reading good books from a young age, reading at least one good newspaper daily (I would advise one English newspaper and one regional language paper, depending on your mother tongue) and reading at least a couple of articles everyday from two international newspapers. I would recommend the New York Times and the Guardian – read articles which interest you; they could be on the environment, science, arts, movies and books, or politics and international relations. Current issues of the New Yoker are available on line and you must read at least a couple of articles every week. You should also look at publications like the New York Review of Books ( and the London Review of Books ( and get into the habit of reading a few articles, if not every week, at least once a month. If you find the content difficult, read the blogs. They are written mostly by their regular contributors and are delightfully written. You will improve not only your language but also your mind. In addition, you should watch the BBC World News regularly (or browse through their website), and you should watch good movies – not just your Transformers and Transporters, but movies like Schindler’s List and Walkyrrie, The Natural(for those who like sports), A Separation (Iran), The Reader, etc. If you want to do well in Tests as well as in life, you don’t start preparing a few weeks or months before the Test; it takes life-long preparation.

    1. i found these suggestions from Mr.Meenon truely guiding and inspiring .Thanks a lot

  3. Congratulations to the Ms Nene. I wonder why some people (who commented above) did not realize that there are 3 explicit rules to 340/340 that HSB helped us unravel out of Nene’s experience:
    1. Start early
    2. Practice hard.
    3. Mock tests.
    (Kindly realize the importance of these factors.)
    Anyway, will also want to know which university/college does she come from ?

  4. This is amazing. I thought this was not possible. Seven to eight months of studying for GRE !
    HSB, can you give insight about how much hours did she spent for studying each day?

  5. Oh Deiar ,
    simply stunning and wonderful feeling
    this moment of achievement
    great keep going
    the future is waiting for you
    with love

    1. Congrats. on your success. This is encouraging and I hope you have plenty to go through.

  6. Is it me or probably it seems like her eyes are about to pop out !
    Anyways congrats on this perfect score !!
    As regarding this article, i found nothing that helps me to score 340 in Gre.
    The experiences and advices of individuals scoring in around 320 would be more helpful than those having perfect score, since they can advice you “what not to do ” !

    1. Very true there’s nothing in this page.. moreover the title is misleading.. Why “How”?? They should simply put it as a news update or some inspiring true story..

  7. I would appreciate if the answers were honest rather than act as marketing message for KIC.

  8. Congratulations Ashwini! we are all proud of you! All the very best for your career!

  9. Aswini congrats first of all.Its really amazing you once again proved hard work always thrills but never kills.Congrats and thanks once again for being inspiration for the test takers.

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