GRE : Hard Work Gets the Price and Over Confidence Pays the Price

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I gave my GRE on 28th of June and scored 1250.I was targeting above 1300 and the result disappoints me totally. The reason is that In all my practice tests i constantly scored above 750 in Quants and above 500 in Verbal.

So I was expecting the same range of score in the actual GRE as well.But in my actual GRE i just scored 650 in Quants and 600 in Verbal.This made me totally dejected.The hard work i put on Verbal didn’t get wasted and i got the price for that. I had an improvement of 100 marks in Verbal which i didn’t expect at all.

But this 100 mark increase in Verbal didn’t made me joyful because of the low Quants score. The only reason for the decrease in Quants score is the over confidence i had in myself and this made me to take the Quants section light.

Finally I had paid the price for the over confidence.I was hopeless of getting an admit in some decent universities with this GRE.

I don’t have an other chance to prove myself in the same pattern.I was in a confused state whether to take the GRE again in the new pattern or to apply to universities with the same score.
So HSB please help me out in this.

I have no idea of what to do. Shall i apply to the universities with the same score or shall i take the new GRE once again for the improvement?

I have a CGPA of 9.01/10 and one among the top 10% of the highly scored student in my class.

I want to apply for CS in the following universities:

  • Ohio state university
  • Oregon state university
  • Arizona state university
  • University of Utah.

By Rajmohan.

Improve GRE Score

If you can improve over 1350 (or equivalent score in New GRE) then retake GRE. If not apply with the same score.  You can consider applying to schools you have listed above.


  1. can anyone suggest me the top 20 universities in usa offering aerospace course and also their respective MINIMUM gre scores.

  2. hello frenz,
    can any one tell me that what type of univ. is Wayne State, butler n Univ. of Georgia. for MS in Pharmacy.
    plz reply me frenz.
    thank u

  3. hi my name vishnu..
    my gre score is 1010(740,270)
    my % is 80.25
    now i am perceiving my final…
    planing for fall,2012
    can u suggest me the univ i can get…

    1. hi vishnu,
      i am gaurav. acc to me ur verbal score is too low and i suggest u to retake the GRE with more conc. on verbal part. ur % is good n you have enough time for it.
      moreover, u i suggest u to improve ur CV.
      i can assume that u r a diligent student so instead for univ. searching. go 4 GRE.
      best of luck

  4. @rajmohan.. I too had same experience (620 q + 500v). but it seems you have reasonably good academic profile should apply, because there are so many uncertainities about new pattern.. wish you good luck. also to everyone taking gre solve as many papers as you can, even those that are harder than actual gre to build up confidence

  5. Hey! I have the same problem with Quant. I was very confident about this whole thing, and I have not prepared at all for math. My paper is on the 7th of July. Do you have any last minute advices. Like the type of questions in Quant that appear? or any category, which was concentrated more upon in your paper? like Geometry, Algebra. Any advice would help. I would want to get a minimum of 1300. And for Quant, I have hardly done anything, other than going through the formulas.

  6. Hey, I am in the same state. I got 570 in verbal, and 690 in quants(which i did not expect). But, I have decided to apply with the same scores. I doesn’t make sense to rewrite the exam just hoping for a increase of 100.

  7. Hello Sir,
    I want the details about top 20 universities at USA and its corresponding GRE marks for last year

  8. Rajmohan:

    With 1250 — 600 for verbal! – and a CGPA of 9.1, what are you bitching about? Go to the Ohio State. Yea, you could have scored 130 or more for Quant. But, hey, that’s how life is. Clearly, you didn’t prepare well enough. Accept it. Next time, in another exam, do better. Why blow away your hard-earned money on the ETS tamasha – the new GRE?

    All the best.


    1. hello,
      similarly i got 1290 should i go for Wayne state, Butler and Univ. of georgia.
      plz help frenz

  9. Rajmohan:

    With 1250 — 600 for verbal – and a CGPA of 9.1, what are you bitching about? Go to Ohio State. Yea, you could have scored 130 more for Quant. But, hey, that’s how life is. Clearly, you didn’t prepare well enough. Accept it, next time, in another exam, do better. Don’t blow away too much your money on the new GRE-ETS tamasha. All the best.


  10. Wow, Rajmohan…we have really contrasting scores in both our sections. I gave my GRE on the 29th and I got 790 in quantitative and only 510 in verbal. I was hoping to apply in good grad schools like UCB, Philadelphia etc. but now I guess because of my verbal score, I can’t even remotely think of these Univs….I think I’ll give the GRE another shot because I have only a fair CGPA of 7.8/10….what all Univs do you think I can apply to?

  11. Don’t feel dejected over your performance,and try to retake the GRE at the next available date.I feel you shouldn’t apply to the universities listed with the present score, as your Quantitative score is very less ( should be atleast 700+).You have a very good chance of getting over 1350 if you take care of your Quants.

  12. hello frnz,
    i am gaurav and going for MS in Pharmacy from US.
    My GRE score is 1290(570,720,3.0)
    have 4 publications, attended 6 national level seminars, attended one international conference.

    I went for university
    1) Wayne State Univ.
    2) Butler University
    3) University of Georgia

    do these univ. suits my profile. will i get admitted, should i expect for the scholarships.
    plz reply me soon,

    1. You can always go for better universities with this core.Don’t even think of applying to Wayne and Butler

      1. thanks varghese,
        do you mean that these univ. are not good, but i hv already filled the form n waiting for the reply. do u think that these univ are bad if yes then what should I do.
        also applied for univ. of georgia….
        plz reply soon…

  13. hey rajmohan,
    my frnd got admitted in arizona wid 1100 chill you’ll get admission wid this score in arizona.apart from the score your CGPA is also good.Try for ohio university as well.
    All the best

    1. Thanks Amit for the kind reply. If u don’t mind can u suggest me some universities matching my profile?

  14. the same situation is happening with me now…..i concentrated too much in verbal during my prep and completely ignored quans….and today i took a pprep test and my quans turned out to be 640(my main problem was time)….and i dunno how i am going to improve with a span of 3 days:(….hope to sticking to basics should work out..

  15. Hi, I got an admit from ASU with 1160 (Q-800, V-360) and 72% in UG but a reject from Utah. I didnt even apply to OSU expecting a reject…! Hope this info helps…

    1. Thanks for the Info. Can u pls suggest me some universities for my Score?

  16. I took my GRE yesterday i.e 30 June and scored 1400 = Q 800 + V 600
    I am a little disappointed with my Verbal score as I believed myself to be pretty good at English. I had done the whole of barron’s Word list thrice but I mismanaged my time during the Verbal section by giving too much time to RCs.
    I guess it would help others if they took as many tests as possible in order to get attuned to the test taking tactics.
    Also anyone who can mug up the Barrons word list can conveniently score over 550 in Quant. It is more about time management and practice rather than the knowledge of English. No wonder they are changing the pattern.

    1. Also I forgot to mention that initially I took GRE too lightly and prepared majorly in the last one week only. So I agree, overconfidence and under-confidence both are dangerous. GRE scores depend a lot on your state of mind too.

  17. First of all congratulations!! Mr.Rajmohan. Anyways what ever happend is happend. And can you please guide me???I’m taking my gre in july last week.could you please tell me any tips and books you have prepared.I’m little bit week in to improve the score in quants?please suggest me what the procedure you have followed.Thanks in advance

    1. First of all i want to say is that don’t expect the same kind of Questions in Actual GRE as that of POwerprep.Don’t get depressed because of that.It will be of the same type.And one more important point is that in Powerprep you will get Verbal first and then comes the Quants.But in actual GRE the order may reverse.Face that with confidence.You can prepare using Barrons and Kaplan.That’s more than enough.And take all the practice test in Kaplan and barrons CD.

  18. PLS can anyone say how was verbal section ? any non barron words came? and i feel difficult to remember those words too

  19. hey 1250 is not a bad score .with ur pretty high academics u can get into one of the decent universities

  20. University rankings are over rated find out more about universities…u can still get a decent university….no worries!!!

  21. Hi,

    The very same happened with me. I scored 1250 in GRE Bible & I heard from somewhere that if one scores good in Gre Bible, he can score very good in GRE exam. Overconfidence & mental preparation are the most important things required to take GRE.

  22. GRE is not the only criteria …i got 1310 ..still i got rejects from univs like univ of cinn..u shud have studied in a good college in UG..with Papers ,projects to ur name..etc etc

    1. Even I’m a victim of the same mistake.I scored a 100% in quants but somehow verbal was score was below par.Now that good univs demand verbal score upwards of 550 i’m thinking of giving another try in the new pattern.My alibi for the bad score was nervousness.All the mock tests i gave had verbal and then quants while on test day i found the opposite this somehow got me out of rhythm. Giving exam within a month may not provide a sea change.I’m giving myself a 2-month time and then will be giving it again.Even then I’ll be able to make it to the deadlines if the documents needed will be already ready.

      1. Same thing happened for me dude. The reverse in section is also a reason for my bad score in Quants.

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