GRE Score Report on Hold; Reviewed by ETS

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For the first time I have come across the following scenario with GRE test score being reviewed by ETS due to increase of 200 point in GRE Verbal section.

I received the following email from a reader who is worried, if his GRE Score will be canceled or reduced.

Reader –

I retook my GRE on Aug 16 and got a score of 1350(580,770). My previous score was 1070(340,730). I have called gre services for delay in score reporting(online). They said that, because of sudden Increase of +200 point in one section they have put my score on Review.

Will they reduce my score? Is there any possibility of getting score quickly.( I am applying for spring ) Deadlines are really close.

Lets certainly hope your score increase is not due to software fault during test. I haven’t  come across such situation before and I’m sure many readers would be interested to know the outcome of your GRE Score results.

To HSB Fans – If you have come across similar situation, do leave your comments.


  1. Hi,I have written my gre exam on september 6,2010 and got a score of 1200(quant-730+verbal-470).But I haven't recieved my gre score card yet.Can I apply to universities without my score card?

    Please suggest some good pharmacy universities for M.S with my score.

  2. Dont worry dude

    my scores are
    first score 1090(quant 730 verbal 360) march 29th
    second score 1460(quant 790 verbal 670) july 8th

    i had no problem eventhough i got 310 improvement in verbal

    1. OMG…. how did u improve ur score(310) in verbal section in just 3 MONTHS of practice?????

  3. how to choose good university for mechanical engineering students for MS program on test day of GRE.

  4. I have taken the date for gre exam on 27th october.but i have heard that score come less during october to december.Does it really happens?and what should i do in that case?

  5. Dont worry…what would a review reveal…that you studies harder this time… or is it so hard for them to believe that some one could do better the second time round.RElax,,,,contact the office and tell them that becuase of administrative delays at their end…you might miss deadlines and that it is critical that they deliver the scores immediately!
    You shouldnt have to pay for their incapabilties or suspicions.Make this very clear the next time you speak to them.And mention that they can review the score any number of times but not at the cost of you missing deadlines.

  6. Hi! I also gave GRE twice. First time in Feb 2010, I got 1030. The second time on 16th August 2010, I got 1340. I have not received my score card yet, through surface mail, but, I checked my scores online on the ETS website and they are available there. I did not receive any such information mentioned here.

  7. It should not be a problem. All they can do is if you have cheated them (may question the center) or something wrong with the center (all getting good score there, etc) or something wrong with the software or questions. They can't cancel just like that saying you scored 200 more in one section.

    You can always say that during the first score u had fever or headache or something that u didn't concentrate well.

    But only thing is that they are delaying ur admission which is sad part.

    All the Best!!!

  8. Hi,

    what is the time gap b/w your 1st attempt and 2nd one.

    I first gave GRE in March 2010 – 1170 (390,780,3.5)

    Today, I gave it again – 1340 (570,770)

    Please keep us posted about any new developments in your case.

    I hope it turns out good.

  9. Please keep us updated on the status of this issue. I just rewrote my gre on aug 31. My initial gre score was 1190 and it jumped to 1330. After reading this I'm really nervous. I hope they don't decrease my score in any way and I hope it doesn't affect percentile ranking.

    Please keep us updated.

    1. I have received my score(online) on sept 17 and it was not changed. I still don't know whether they can reduce the score or not ….but they took an additional 15 days to report online score. Sad thing is … scores are sent to univ.'s only when review shit is complete.. 🙁

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