GRE Scores Cancelled Due to Incorrect Surname in the Passport

Raghuram Sukumar GRE 4 Comments

Posting the email conversation with a reader about GRE Score Cancellation after taking GRE Test, due to incorrect last name used to register for GRE.

Reader  –

Can you post something about cancelling GRE without your permission and holding security hold on your account?


Did you ask ETS, why your scores were cancelled?

Reader –

I did call, and the only answer I got is that we cancelled your score since your last name does not match the one of your passport. I need to know what do, why did they allow me to take the exam at first place? why did not they notify me till now, it has been more than 15 days since I sat for the exam?


Why did you use different surname?


My last name is AlXXX. I wrote it XXX since all my transcripts carry that name. In my country, “Al” is not necessary, it can be deleted from the surname. I wanted all the documents to carry the same name. I know it is a mistake. I showed the center a supplementary ID( a student and a state IDs). They admitted me but cancled my scores. I want to know if they have the authorization to do that without notifying me even.


Mistake 1 – Registering for GRE with incorrect last name.

Mistake 2 – Test center allowing you to take the exam when named used to register for GRE is different from Passport.

ETS – Cancelling your GRE Score for incorrect information.

I think , what ETS did is right. It would take time to go over your records and verify the details.

Its is clearly stated  in GRE registration website about required documents. Also, exact name in passport should be used to register for GRE.



  1. hi,
    i have registered in ets as vijay dande and middle name as k as it do not allowed to write the full name , but my name on my passport is as vijay kumar and dande lingam as my surname . Is this a problem in writing the exam . Will the they permit me write the exam..?
    plzz reply
    thanks in advance

  2. Hi,
    my passport name is Noorulzakria syed , ‘syed’ being the surname. while registering for gre i used the name zaki m syed and on the exam day the prometric people helped me out and they changed it to Zakria n syed. All the records have the name noorul zakria syed except the gre scorecard. when i asked ets about it they said that i just need to notify about it to the universities to which i am applying. will this thing create any problem in visa interview ?

  3. hi… i’m appearing for gre test….i have changed my name and contain the govt proof for it….but all my college transcripts contain the old name…..and my passport has my new name….so with which one should i register for gre..

  4. I have given my GRE in Dec 2010 and my first name was entered as last name and vice versa. I haven’t faced any problem with that till today. I did order for the additional score reports too recently as I was applying to the universities. Initially there was problem as i exactly mentioned my surname but then the 7-digit registration number, test date and your date of birth were alone enough to verify my records.

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