GRE Scores Got Switched Between Verbal and Math Sections

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Question from a reader about Revised GRE Scores switched between Verbal and Math, between Scores after the test to GRE Score report.

So I took like 6 practice tests and got around 164 math and 153 verbal almost every time.

I get my temp scores and it is 165/158 so I am happy.

Then I get my report see the same and send it out.

Then I look closer and it has me as math 158 and verbal 165!!

There is just no way that is possible.

My vocab is terrible and I was a math minor. I never scored below a 163 for any math practice and never scored above a 152 verbal – ever! I called ETS and they say there is no way they are wrong and will not do anything about it.

Anyone else ever had this happen?

Funny thing is my total the way i think it should be would be on the old scale 1370 but the way they have me it is a 1430 on the old scale. So maybe i should just be happy but I am afraid the math intensity of my major would be an issue.

Any input?

Interchanged GRE Scores

  • You are Correct and ETS is Incorrect.
  • Your are Incorrect and ETS is Correct.

Unfortunately, GRE test takers don’t have screenshots to prove that.

If in case there is bug in the ETS GRE testing system or several others have reported the same problem, they could go back to check what happened.

Possible Solution for ETS

Right after test takers accept the GRE scores, printout with unofficial scores can handed-out to the test taker. Of course, it should have a note – “Unofficial Score” or something like that.

I have never seen anyone with similar problem before.

But, let’s see if other readers have had such issues with GRE Score reports.


  1. Update:
    They gave me a site to go to where you can see a list of questions by type, the difficulty level from 1-5 of the question, and if you got it right or wrong. It says I got 7 wrong on Verbal and 12 wrong on Math. Looks like I missed a few easy ones on the math which means I was going to fast (it also tells you the time you spent on the question).

    Here are the difficulty levels of what I got wrong.

    Verbal 7 Wrong
    3, 2, 4, 4, 3, 4, 4

    Quant 12 Wrong
    2, 4, 3, 2, 3, 2, 4, 5, 3, 5, 4, 5

    So maybe it is correct. Still not sure how I could reverse my scores so drastically. I almost doubled my verbal % rank compared to the practice tests! ETS is not going to do anything else to check so I guess it is what it is. Over 1400 old (323 new) I should be happy i guess. Just can not believe my math took such a hit % wise. Score wise I got about a 740-158 where I was getting 780/790-165/166 all the time.

    BTW I bought and used the ETS GRE book and the Kaplan Premier GRE book (new test versions). I liked the ETS better since the Kaplan book was almost all about strategy. But I do think Kaplan had a nicer math review and it had vocab help sections that ETS did not. Plus Kaplan had lots of practice tests. They are only about 20 bucks each so i would get both. I practiced about 4 hours a day for 4 weeks – avg of 5 days a week. Since my math was always consistent I spend most of the last 1.5 weeks on vocab only. I guess it really helped. Simply knowing the words makes it much easier. i studied so much because I had limited time and have been out of high school for 20 years now. The time thing hurt me on math i guess. With no timer I did much better.


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