I’m Going to University of California Davis for MS in Computer Science

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I haven’t finished the article on “shortlisting universities for graduate school admission” yet. I’m still doing some additional research to get give you guys all possible, necessary information. I should be done by tomorrow. For the meantime, enjoy reading this guest post.

Hi guys.. I’m Vidhya from Chennai, and I’m heading to UC Davis this fall for my master’s in computer science.

I’m taking the Cathay Pacific and flying via Singapore and Hong Kong on the 1st week of September.

I’m allowed to carry 32 * 2 kgs and a carry-on baggage of 7 kgs.

The airfare came for around Rs. 30,000 for a one-way journey.

I’ll be staying in an apartment about a mile away from the campus with 3 other Indian girls.

We’ve leased a 3-bedroom/2-bath apartment for a year and paid a security deposit of $300; the monthly rental is $1,610.

A few pairs of jeans, t-shirts, some traditional clothes, sandals, a pressure pan and few utensils, Indian spices and masala powders, some sweets and snacks, and not to forget my mom’s recipe book…these are the things I’m carrying along.

While I was shopping, I found out that both soft luggage and hard luggage weigh the same.

The soft luggage is at most a kg lighter than the hard one.

I’m under the impression that a hard one will have a longer life, so I got one from VIP which costs Rs.3000 and the other from Samsonite.

Each suitcase weighs 5 kgs. Well, so this is how I’ve been getting ready.


  1. Hey HSB, for god sake why don’t you upload your name and profile on this blog ??
    You must do it……… do think about it…..

  2. WOW… that was inspiring…. it would be good if more experiences like these are posted…. Keep up the good work HSB!

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