Q&A – H1B 2014 and STEM OPT Extension (Video)

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I’m a regular reader of HSB and I must say that you are doing a great service to the aspiring students who intend to study and work in the US

I’m writing this e-mail on behalf of my son who has completed his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with Computer Science as Minor from California State University, San Jose USA .

He has completed his undergraduate degree in May-12 and currently working under OPT for a consultancy firm in the US. His current employer is in the process of filing his H1B petition on April 1, 2013.

I have the following questions with regard to the H1B petition:

  1. His current work authorization under OPT expires on May 29, 2013
  2. His college says he cannot apply for STEM extension and H1B filing at the same time
  3. He has requested his employer for a PREMIUM processing of H1B petition
  4. I read in USCIS web site that premium processing is available for a US Master’d degree holders, is it not available for a US Bachelor’s degree holders?
  5. As a US bachelor degree holder what are the chances of him getting a H1B visa, do the US Master degree holders get priority over bachelor degree holders
  6. In the event of his H1B petition getting rejected this time, can he then apply for STEM extension
  7. In the event his H1B visa approved, can he continue with his current work as he is currently employed
  8. After the USCIS approval within how many days he has to get his visa stamped outside of US, is there a time limit

I would greatly appreciate your answers to the above.

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