What if H1B Visa is Expiring during Shut Down?

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uscisOne of  the worst case scenario for H1B visa holders is when H1B is expiring and LCA is required to file New H1B Application (it can be new of transfer or renewal).

Due to Shutdown Department of Labor is not issuing LCA ( Labor condition Application which is required to file H1B application with USCIS.

AILA stands for American Immigration Lawyers Association have requested USCIS to accept H1B Application without LCA.

Looks like USCIS have accepted such request in previous years.

Due to concerns as to how the shutdown of DOL operations will impact the ability of employers to timely file H-1Bs and for individuals to maintain lawful status, AILA has asked USCIS if it will accept H-1B petitions without a certified LCA. (Source AILA).

Are you affected? Share your story here.

Stay tuned for additional updates about Shut Down and it’s impact on Non-Immigrants in USA.

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