H-1B RFE Requesting Tax Filing Returns

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One of the RFEs we got has the following two questions:

1. IRS Tax Return Filing Status: Submit an original computer printout from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), date stamped by the IRS, showing the status of all tax returns filed by the U.S. company.

2. IRS Computer Tax Records: Submit original computer printouts from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), date stamped by the IRS, of tax returns filed with the IRS by the U.S. company for the years: 2007-2008

How can we get these documents from the IRS website? The time left is very short, please help!

Since you have mentioned yourself as “we,” I assume you should be an employer. If that’s the case, an immigration attorney should help you in getting the required documents.

On the other hand, if you are an employee, then there is really nothing you can do about this matter. This has to be handled by your employer and an immigration attorney.

Another thing, IRS tax documents are not available online.

There are many strange RFEs this year. If you follow the discussions in the forum, you will know about unique and strange RFEs being requested by the USCIS this year.

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