H1B Visa 2011 Approval and Processing Time

Raghuram Sukumar H1B Visa 4 Comments

Here are few H1B Visa 2011 Approval time of those who submitted H1B Visa applications for FY 2011.

I collected this data by going through the comments section.

It will be easy to track if you can leave the comments below. I will update this table based on your H1B Visa 2011 approval status.

This is time consuming work, if you can leave your comment in following format, it will be easy for me to update the table.

  • Name
  • Processing
  • Applied on
  • Receipt Date
  • Approval Date
NameProcessingAppliedReceipt DateApproval Date
RajPremiumApril 20, 2010April 29, 2010May 4, 2010
SukrityPremiumApril 1, 2010April 7, 2010April 9, 2010
E.ARegularApril 1, 2010April 14, 2010May 17, 2010
KalnadRegularNAApril 22, 2010August 12, 2010
PSPremiumJuly 18, 2010July 19, 2010July 29, 2010
YaduRegularApril 14, 2010April 15, 2010Waiting
ArjunPremiumJuly 09, 2010NAJuly 29, 2010
KasRegularNAApril 28, 2010Waiting
AndyRegularApril 15, 2010April 15, 2010

To enter your data into spreadsheet – go to H1B Visa 2011 Cap Count Updates


  1. Name: Kao

    Applied on : 1/14/2011

    Receipt Date: 1/19/2011

    Approval Date: 3/07/2011



    Premium/Regular: Regular

  2. Name : Vamsidhar
    Quota : regular
    Processing : Vermont
    Applied on : Aug 17
    Receipt Date : got receipt,but do not know exact date
    Approval Date : waiting

  3. Thanks to Happyschooling team,

    I apprecaited your informaton, which very usefull like me.It gave me what i expected information. All my question-answers i got over here.

    Really i felt very happy. Thanks again for posting good stuff.

    Keep posting.


  4. Hi, All,
    this is quiet useful for new users. anmyway, Mine is approved on Aug 11th, uscis status approved on aug12th and my employer got the written approved letter on aug 20th.

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