H1B Visa Approval By Country – 2008 vs 2009

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Few days back  I posted H1B Visa Salary for 2009.

In addition to that H1B Visa approval based on country will give more insight to applicants from various countries.

Most approval are given to Indian Citizens even though number of Chinese students studying in USA is much higher.

Approved H-IB petitions 2009

  • 48 percent reported that the beneficiary was born in India.
  • India is followed by China (10%)
  • Number of H1B approvals from India approved for initial employment decreased 45% (2008 vs 2009)
  • Number of H1B beneficiaries approved for continuing employment decreased 21% (2008 vs 2009)

H1B Visa Approval - By Country (2008 - 2009)

It will be interesting to see the comparison of 2009 vs 2010 number which will be published next year.

In the above table China dosen’t (About 2%)  have much decrease in H1B petitions  compared to India. Do you know what could be the reason behind that?


  1. 4 years late but man, it sucks for us (non-indians) having to compete with Indians.
    I think their should be a cap for Indians that allows them no more than 10% of total visa slots to allow specialists from other countries to have a more fair chance.

  2. Sir tell me can i change my name in 10th and 12th class markscard from suneel kumar to sahil kumar plz tell me how can i do it? What is the procedure i am waiting for u ans. I am from j&k state

  3. Sir, my name is given as C R JAI KEERTHY in my 10th and 12th marks card, but as you know we cannot use our initials in passport application form, so i have written as JAI KEERTHY in given name and in SURNAME i have expanded C R as CHOWLUR REVANNA .I have to submit on 5th of august. Can i submit or should i get a affidavit of name changing from note tree and give an ad in newspaper of name changing and should produce in the passport office? or can i submit it directly? Because many of my friends submitted it directly without changing anything. Plz tell me what should i do?

  4. Dear Friends,

    I’m one of the active members of HSB (since 2008). I’m very happy to inform HSB that I’ve got my H1B Visa stamped today after having waited for almost two years since I appeared for the entry visa interview at an US Consulate.

    My H1B Visa was approved during May 2008. I appeared for the entry visa interview during September 2008. By mistake my case was stuck on red tape and was kept pending under administrative processing. I kept sending emails to my immigration attorney almost every week. And my attorney in turn persistently followed-up my case at the State Dept. in order to clear my case out of Dept. of Homeland Security. At last after two years my entry visa has been cleared.

    So I would advise all my friends in HSB not to give-up hope. Keep following up. One day you would get clearance for sure. Good Luck to all my friends seeking H1B Clearance.

    I’ve put up my resignation with the current employer. I’ve scheduled to depart to the US on 2nd September 2010.

    My salutation to HSB. Thanks for all those wonderful support and the valuable information that is being provided by HSB.


  5. Hi HSB,
    can you please post or refer to a link where I can find similar statistics (like above) of H1B for my country Bangladesh?

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