H-1B Visa Lottery Cancelled for 2009?

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I really wonder how many different ideas are spread around and conveyed to H-1B applicants everywhere. Some are real, but most are not.

Some of them, however, are true, like the numerous companies that are suffering in the U.S. and thousands of workers in H-1B visa that are being laid-off.

Many students expressed their doubts about H-1B visa, prompting them to ask whether is it worth it to come to the U.S. during recession for higher studies.

But amidst those myriad of comments, I saw an interesting comment for the article, California Service Center H-1B visa processing update.

Shweta Asks

Well i did wanted 2 file for the H-1B for 2009, i did hear from a friend that it is cancelled this year for the market situation..i want to know how far that is true??

I’m not sure how people can come-up with such unusual thoughts, like the H-1B visa being canceled for next year due to the current market situation in the U.S.

But for the record, such rumor is absolutely false. Any information, if baseless, is simply a gossip, nothing more. If you hear such news, you have to verify that from the USCIS and other official sources.

Friends talk about so many such things and most of such topics talked about are usually untrue. Will there be lottery for H-1B visa in 2009? We have to wait and see.

Maybe sometime in March, we will get to know how many H-1B visa petitions are expected to be filed during the fiscal year 2009-2010.

Like the H-1B visa lottery 2008, I will keep posting any information I will come across with about the H-1B visa lottery for 2009 – 2010.

USCIS issued some new rules 1 month before April 1, 2008 shed some light on a few important rules. I do hope we should get something like that in 2009.

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