Here’s webinar replay about H1B Visa that was held on April 22, 2014.

Questions Answered in this Webinar

Hey Raghuram, I have a question. My lawyer informed me that he has received receipts for many except mine. Does USCIS send in all the receipts for a company in 1 go or does this mean i am not selected?

What are the option if not selected and OPT about to expire.? Can you focus more on CPT? Which universities are offering? Etc

I am under advanced cap under premiem processing… Today is 22nd April and I have still not received any updates from USCIS if i has picked up my application in lottery or not!! Its so frustrating as most of my friends have got the updates within a week!!

What you mean by rejected or withdrawn?

My opt expires 23 June 2014.I am eligible for stem extension. My petition was filed under AD/PP/Vt. Can I apply for opt extension after 1) I get a rejection notification (if I am selected in lottery) or 2) after I am notified that I am not selected in lottery checking to see whe ther h1 selection affects opt extension?

Hi raghu, If a person doesn’t get selected in the visa stamping process, As there would be many people who would have been rejected or will be rejected. what would happen to such visas? what is the best way to clear the visa stamping interview? any guidelines?

Question: Once I get the receipt, does the H1B cap gap kick in automatically?
When you applied for H1B (Timely)

To know application filing status from employer….do they need to send separate packages for each application or combine send one package for all ??
Even after getting courier receipt, is there any way to check or confirm that the package contains my application ?

I fall in the Non-Adv, Regular processing category. When is the earliest date that I can expect to know about the status of my application?

Question: I am selected in lottery Regular processing- advanced degree. Can you tell me when can I change the employer and transfer my h1b? When can I join new company?

if I get selected in lottery, are there any chances that my petition might not be approved ?


If i don’t get any package or receipt in next 2 weeks then what we have to assume ?

My opt expires in July 2015, what happens if I don’t get my H1b this year? Does it affect my current status?
April 1, 2015 (apply for H1B)


Does the applicant get the result of lottery only through attorney/employer or is the result sent out to the candidate directly by post mail for Advanced Degree/Regular Processing.

Why is regular processing receipts taking so long. Does that mean USCIS only selected Premium and AD?

When my packet was fedexed on april 1, there was a delivery exception. My attorney said many are receiving this exception, because of the huge number of packets reaching VT center. the fedex website later towards end of day(around 5 pm) showed the packet was delivered. Is there a way to check if my petition was part of lottery or no? Or Just wait till a reply?

AD/PP/CA any updates anyone? I haven’t received anything yet. I’m very worried.

Mine is Non AD premium , didn’t received any update from our attorney … as USCIS told that they start processing from 28th april …till when we need to wait please

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