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Question aboit processing time for H1B in 221g Administrative processing :

I had my H1-B Stamping interview on 19th in Chennai. Interviewer told me that everything seems to be in order but he needs some admin processing and issued me a pink slip. He directed me to another counter where a lady asked abt my education qualification and kept my passport.

She wrote a case no. and asked me to check status regularly on US consulate site.

For 3 days my status was being shown as “Pending Process” in status PDF but when I checked yesterday , I couldn’t find my case no. at all.
Can anyone please guide me what does it mean?

H1B Administrative Processing

There is no time limit for administrative processing. Wait can be from few weeks to several months. I know few who had to wait for 3 months due Administrative processing of H1B Visa at Chennai Consulate.

All you can do is keep checking the status daily. Each H1B Visa stamping case is unique and there is nothing much you can gain by comparing with others.

You can see here – H1B approved after 2 years in 221g Administrative processing


  1. I had appeared for an H1B Visa interview on the 15th of October in Mumbai, where I was handed over the yellow form under section 221g stating that my application requires additional administrative processing.
    They did not take any of my documents during the interview, and I was told to monitor the status of my application online on their website and was asked to submit my documents (passport, i797) via the staney office when my CEAC number shows up on their site. I was also told that once I submit my docs, my application will be processed within 3-5 days after that.
    My number came up on the website on the 7th of November, and I sent my documents to the Mumbai consulate via the Hyderabad Team Stanley office the very next day. I havent heard back from the embassy officials since then. I was under the assumption that once the admin processing completes successfully, then the further formalities shouldnt take a lot of time.
    Can anyone tell me what I should be doing now, and what is the approx wait time between submission of docs and getting the visa for section 221g cases post admin-processing? I am really getting worried now
    Thanks in advance,
    Mohammad Kazi.

  2. i am stuck in Dhaka for H1B administrative processing for 4+ months. My employers are getting anxious. Can anyone know someone got H1b stamping in 2011 from Dhaka embassy ? Life is like hell.

    1. Hi yaseen?

      have they got back to you regarding your H1B administrative processing?

  3. I am waiting from July 2010, still haven’t heard anything from them. But I was interviewed at Mumbai consulate for H1b and I don’t have any case number, does anyone has idea how I can check my status in Mumbai consulate.
    Thanks guys

  4. Hi, I got my I-20 and i'm getting ready for u.s.a visa interview may be in last wk of nov. But there is a problem in TOEFL score report card, my d.o.b appears incorrect in score card but in my ets online profile my d.o.b is correct as per my passport information. I had also communicated to the ETS deparment through email regarding this issue they said they are helpless to fix this problem. So, can you please tell that will it be a problem for me at the time of interview if the visa officer asks me for the report.

    1. yes it will be a problem , Common sense says that you should have been very careful while giving your DOB to TOEFL as it was shown in the passport.

      Either give your TOEFL again or readily ask the ETS to do the change. I am sure there will be a problem with the US embassy regarding it.

      take care and do the neccessity soon.


  5. Also if you are waiting on your approval thing u can check the VFS site with your passport no to chk whether they have received ur passport. http://www.vfs-usa.co.in/ApplnForms/TrackYourPass
    U can go to this link and put in your passport no, and if the consulate had made decision on ur case , they would send ur passport to VFS office and they would update it immediately on here. This gets updated faster than the "Administrative processing" pdf

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