H1B Visa Administrative Procesing Wait Time for This Person Was EXACTLY 2 Years

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Congrats to Joseph who got H1B Visa Administrative Processing approval came after waiting for two years under Administrative processing. He attended H1B Visa interview in 2008 and got Visa stamping in 2010.

Typical Administrative processing wait times are between few days to two months. U.S. Consular tend to issue Administrative processing for visa interview attendee’s if verify more details about the application. It can be about job, student’s projects to the employer, etc. People have been waiting for multiple months to get Approval. But, this person waited for two years.

H1B Visa Administrative Processing Wait Time

Here’s something unique and exciting experience as shared by one of Happy Schools Reader. If you were wondering how long it would take to get H1B Visa stamping under Administrative processing, following experience will give n idea about the wait time.

Dear Friends,
I’m one of the active members of HSB (since 2008). I’m jubilant to inform HSB that I’ve got my H1B Visa stamped today after having waited for almost two years after attending H1B Visa interview.

My H1B Visa was approved during September 2010. I appeared for the H1B Visa interview during September 2008. I think my case was stuck on red tape and was kept pending for administrative processing. I kept sending emails to my immigration attorney almost every week. And my attorney in turn persistently followed-up my case at the State Department to clear my case out of Department of Homeland Security. At last after two years my entry visa has been approved.

So I would advise all my friends in HSB not to give-up hope. Keep following up. One day you would get clearance for sure. Good Luck to all my friends seeking H1B Clearance.

I’ve put up my resignation with the current employer. I’ve scheduled to depart to the US on September 2010.

My salutation to HSB. Thanks for all those wonderful support and the valuable information that is being provided by HSB.

If you are waiting for 221(g) approvals, now you know how long you may have to wait if you are waiting longer than a couple of months.

The key where to is to have your attorney talk to Department of State and USCIS. You will not get exact details on when or why your visa was put under administrative processing. But, by reaching out via an attorney or a congress member can get you answers.


  1. Our immigration case was approved during Aug 2010 ( Me & my three kids ) . We appeared for the entry visa interview during September 2010 in USA embassy in Amman -Jordan . and our case is pending under administrative processing since that time . I kept checking our case in the U.S. Embassy’s website for any information about our immigrant case processing almost every day with now luck it is now pednig for more than a year and a half . I lraedy give-up hope of this clearance issue .

  2. Folks! can u please let me know where we can check our status in the chennai consulate website since i had attended my interview in chennai.I can see only the entire case status updated in PDF format

  3. I had H1 interview with my spouse on 22nd Dec 2010 at Chennai and I got pink slip stating that my case is pending for administrative processing.

    Finally I got my stamped visa on 31st Jan.

    So an ideal wait time is 4-6 weeks.

  4. Hi All,
    It's been more than 5.5 months now, But bno luck.
    Please for me as well, Thanks


    1. Our immigration case was approved during Aug 2010 ( Me & my three kids ) . We appeared for the entry visa interview during September 2010 in USA embassy in Amman -Jordan . and our case is pending under administrative processing since that time . I kept checking our case in the U.S. Embassy’s website for any new information about our immigrant case processing almost every day with now luck it is now pednig for more than a year and a half . I alraedy give-up hope of this clearance issue .

  5. This is just ridiculous, very poor on US embassy part. They should stop doing this and keep people hanging for no reason.

    I am in the same both and I have been only waiting for 2 weeks and have already gone out of patience.

    Well if you are happy then its good but thumbs down for ppl who took this long for processing the visa.

  6. Good luck those who got one

    Am i stuck in AP?

    i appeared for interview on July 16, 2010 and still not response.:(



  7. good for you. i am in the US already having an L-1 VISA since January. I petition my family for L-2. Last April, our application was put on Administrative Processing because the question the Birth Certificate of my Son for being late registered inspite of providing them supporting documents like Hospital records etc.. It's been four months now. If the validity of Birth Certificate is in questioned. Why can't they just request for a DNA test. which will only take 5-10 day to get the result. Actually I already sent our lawyer to request from the Embassy to undergo DNA testing.

    If I keep on hoping and waiting for two years? then I'll be back soon in my country. My work assignment here is only until April 2011. Crazy red tapes!

  8. hi i applied for H-1b in the States and i was approved in 2009 and i travelled to my home country in dec 2009 for the visa stamping but the visa officer told me my case will be under administrative processing. For about 8 months i didnt hear anything from them and recently they sent me an email to come to the embassy.

    Does anyone know if they have finished the AP and ready for stamping or they probably need more docs they didnt tell me the reason why i should come.

    Immidiate response will be appreciated


    1. That's the same thing that happend to my family. After two months that they applied for the VISA. They were called to come to the embassy, only to know that they were instructed to submit some documents. And after that meeting, they were told that to wait for further background check. and until know we are still waiting.

      i hope you case is different. crazy!

  9. Hi., I finished B-tech(EEE) in JNTU, KAKINADA. According to university norms it is required for a student to get 216 credits out of 224 at the end of course to obtain the B-tech degree, that implies university will award degree even if a student has failed in any one or two subjects.. So under this i got provisional certificate with failed in one subject i.e., I had one backlog.. Will i get admission in any university in US to do MS in my field..

  10. Hi friends

    Today i completed my visa interview (9:15)

    the below conversation between me and VO

    ME: Hello Sir, how's your day.

    VO: Fine, how's your .

    ME: Just Fine.

    VO: Which course are u going to?

    ME: Drug Regulatory Affairs, Sir.

    VO:How many Backlogs?

    ME: None Sir.

    VO: Who is sponsoring you?

    ME: My Brother and My parents Sir.

    He just handed over my confirmation slip, and told to go at Counter No: 15.

    as my beside counter was quite busy, as the person who took the interview, as too keen regarding the Transcripts.

    When in the mean while , i went to Counter No: 15. And their i saw couple of people, writing some thing beside the counter, i just handed over the documents, and she just gave me the white slip, told to fill each and every column,

    After 10 minutes i completed my form ( regarding the course, and project work.) .

    then i gave my resume, passport, and my acceptance letter with i 20.

    She told me to wait for 2 weeks after that i have the status, she gave me a white slip in which a case number and email id is been given , to check the current status of the visa,

  11. Congrats joseph!! Wow dats really great.

    Since this thread has started , i will also be happy to share my experiences with all of you guys , though mine was less harrowing than his.

    I had my H1b approved for Oct 2009 and i went for my stamping on May 27 , 2010. I was tagged with 221g(pink slip-Administrative processing) and put on hold with no explanations. My VO just told me , "though u are eligible for ur visa am putting u on hold bcoz of the nature of ur field of study and the job desc" (Biological Sciences MS & in Bio med industry). I had nothing but the Case number and i would keep on going to the website and checking my status every other day. LUCKILY for me , My passport arrived exactly 4 weeks from the date of my interview. I could not explain how very relieved i was to get it.

    so folks dont ever lose heart and hope!!

    1. @arun

      u shud be lucky for once not for all time. so be prepared for next time. 2yrs 🙂

  12. Congrats Joseph
    Hard work, Patience and Perseverance will never ever fail
    Good Luck buddy

  13. Hi, i want to know the procedure of how to change the university when we land in USA before starting in one univ..

  14. Congrats Joseph!

    You are correct we should never give-up our hope!

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