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H1B Visa Stamping Experience Chennai Dec 2012

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H1B Visa Stamping in Chennai by Abhilash.

US Consulate Chennai

I sharing my H1B Visa Stamping experience in Chennai.  As per the new visa system, the visa interview is a 2 day process. My Interview was in Chennai.

Day 1 – OFC

First day, at the OFC, they just checked my Appointment letter, DS160 confirmation and passport.

They took a picture of mine and took finger prints of all my fingers. Thats it. The whole process was hardly 45 mins. Had a 2:00 PM appointment, and was actually out by that time.

One suggestion, you don’t need to carry anything else apart from these if you are going to appear for a H1 Stamping.

Day 2: US Consulate

The appointment time was 7:30 AM.

Was there by 7 AM itself.

My sealed official transcripts were asked to be opened at the entrance itself. They said its okay because they would put a seal on it. and i Said Okay for that.

At the first counter, The lady asked for my docs and she arranged everything in order , put a band across it and gave it to me.

At counter 2, Fingerprinting .

Time between counter : approx. 10 mins.

At the third stage: the real interview !

H1B Visa Stamping in Chennai

The interview was like a breeze.

Simple tip: Answer to the point.

Me: Good Morning Sir !! 🙂 (With a smile )
VO: Good Morning Sir ! ! How are you doing today ?

Me: I am fine Sir.. How about you ?
VO: Good
VO: Can i have your documents please ?
ME: I handed over the packet to him ! !

VO: Which company Do you work for ?
Me: I answered my company name. (FYI: I do not work for a consultancy, I work directly with a big Enterprise products firm )

VO: Oh … “XXXXXXXX XXXXX” (he re-said my company name” and then said okay.
VO: What is Your Highest Degree?
Me: I did Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from xxxxx

VO: What do you work as ?
Me: I work as a XXXXXX Engineer in this division.

VO: What is your salary ?
Me: My current salary is $XXXXX per annum.

VO: Thank You, I have approved your visa and you will get your passport in few days,
Me: Thank You.

After the interview, paid 300Rs for faster delivery to my house address. and passport reached on 3rd business day.

Good luck for everyone who is appearing for a interview. Stay Calm, answer to the point, Do Not Lie during.

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  1. My visa stamping is scheduled next month?
    I don’t have client letter.
    Is it safe to attend visa stamping without client interview?
    what is the success rate?

  2. After the visa interview on granting visa, is it possible to collect the passport in person from OFC office, if so when to collect.
    kindly reply.

  3. After the visa interview on granting visa, is it possible to collect the passport in person fron OFC office, if so when to collect.
    kindly reply .

    1. Yes, you can collect the passport in person. Choose in-person collection while taking appointment.

      You will get a text and a email once your documents are ready for pickup.

      1. 1 more thing, when you go to collect your passport, they will need a ID proof even though they have your passport. If you don’t have any other ID proof except passport, keep a xerox copy of your passport that will work just fine.

  4. if day is good and your luck is working then it doesn’t matter whether you are telling lie or truth……

    1. are you sure?

      do you have experience ?

      can you please share if any ? direct or indirect ?
      thank you

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