H-1B Visa Stamping Experience at Chennai US Consulate

Raghuram Sukumar H1B Visa 12 Comments

Prak shared his H1B visa stamping experience at the Chennai U.S. Consulate. Here’s his background:

  • Education – Masters Degree in the US
  • Work Experience – 2 Years as Consultant
  • H1B Visa Stamping – First time visiting India after H-1B Approval

H1B Visa Stamping Experience Chennai

  • How long did it take before you can book the dates for your visa appointment?

Around two weeks.

  • Were you able to get the date you were planning for?


Yes, I brought the letter from the client, tax statements, electricity bills, driver’s license, and all degree certificates.

  • Can you walk us through about the steps you took and your experience at the U.S. consulate (arriving at the consulate, waiting for the interview, documents verification, etc.)

I reached the U.S. consulate an hour before 🙁 but I was sent back immediately. My 2 cents was not to go early to the consulate. Arriving around 15 minutes before the scheduled time is good enough.

Don’t take any sealed envelopes. Security personnel will stamp all your envelopes, so this will take some time. No cell phones not even chocolates or chewing gums are allowed

There are pre-screening counters where they check all your documents(I-797, LCA, etc.). If everything is satisfactory, then you will be directed towards the visa interview rooms.

  • How long was your interview?

About 10 minutes.

  • What questions did the VO ask?

“Where did do your Master?
Where are you working right now?”

  • When did you get the passport back?

After three days.

  • How was the entry procedure at Port of Entry?

Easy. One question – “Where do you work?”

  • Many forums posts say things like – “Don’t go for H-1B stamping, People are sent back home from Port of Entry,” etc. What are your thoughts about that?

They’re just rumors, don’t believe in those things.

  • Do you work as a full-time employee or as a consultant?

I’m a consultant.

  • How big is your company? (number of employees)

30 employees.

Additional Visa Stamping Questions

If you have further questions, you can leave a comment below. Prak will reply to your comments.


  1. Hi Raghuram,

    I did my completed my graduation in Hyderabad with 55% and the worked with a MNC company for 10 months and then moved to Uk for my masters and did not complete it for personal reasons,now i am again working for a company whose head office is in USA,Now my employee is applying for H1 for me .

    Will it be any problem for me will i get H1,What sought of interview questions do i need to face.
    Please let me know as i am tensed a bit

    Santosh Pisipati

  2. Hi, i am working as a consultant for a BIG client through his preffered vendor and my Employer is a mid sized consulting company with 100+ employees.I got my 3 yr h1b extension based on approved i 140 and now planning to go to chennai for stamping.I have MSA,CLIENT LETTER,VENDOR LETTER,but the aggreement between my vendor and client is not possible to get becoz for company policies..I heard lots of stories abt visas getting revoked if u have a vendor in between..I want to know how true is this?Pls,help!!!

  3. Hey Hi,

    I would be taking a date for my Stamping around August, as My start date is on the 01Oct2011, so could u guide me with the list of documents u had taken along with u to the consulate.
    and any do’s and dont’s apart from the ones mentioned in your post above , would be appreciated.

    and hey Congratulations on a successful stint at the Chennai consulate.


    Ashish D.Kopargaonkar

  4. Hello,

    I am currently working in USA on H1b visa.I am planning to go to india in the month of april for vacation.At that time i need to go for the stamping in chennai,so please help me how it will be.

  5. Hi,

    I finished my Masters in USA, got my H1B and started working for past 4 yrs. I didn't get a chance to go to India for my first stamping. Now I am planning to go for stamping to India. Will there be any problem in my First time stamping for my H1B after 4 yrs of getting my H1B…I have the H1B extension documents too…

    Pls help me with your suggestion…is there any one have come across the same situation…

  6. hi,

    i am currently on OPT. I am trying to select a date for H-1 stamping. Do i select "resident of india/bhutan" or "indian citizen resident in the US"

    when making the appoinment.

    This is my first H-1 stamping. Please advice.


  7. What is the case if the person going for H1B visa stamping and if he doesn't work currently will the Visa officer approve or reject the visa..What could be the possible question he might get from VO..Please let me know your thoughts and give me suggestion for the same?

  8. Hi everyone,

    Please let me know what the best time to go for visa stamping this year!!!!

  9. Hi

    I wish that somebody can help me with this… Do anybody here knows something about Third National country stamping for first time in Matamoros , Mexico? I’m living in Texas and that’s the closest consulate for my, but I had read that they are acepting third country nationals just to get their visa renewed.. Can somebody help me??

  10. Hi,

    Are you in the USA right now? Did you get your H1B visa stamped and then entered the USA? I had emailed the US consulate in Mumbai and they said that you can come anytime for the H1B visa stamping but can only enter the USA 10 days before 1st October 2009.


  11. Did you go undergo medical examination before you went for your visa stamping? Do you think it will be required before the visa interview? Thanks!

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