Here’s How To Become Indispensable at Your Job

Raghuram Sukumar Career 1 Comment

Here is a short video with full of advice for students from Seth Godin’s speech at High Point University. There are couple of interesting ideas from Seth Godin for Students and Entrepreneurs.

  • How to change yourself by dreaming
  • What if you fear failure?
  • How students can be indispensable at work place? ( must have skill for entry level students)

In the following video STOP STEALING DREAMS: Seth Godin at [email protected]

  • What school is supposed to teach
  • What schools aren’t teaching
  • How to start learning by experience
  • Why people want to work less but play more


  1. schools don’t teach shit. When it comes to the skills required for a job all is learned by our own.

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