Study Abroad. But Where?

America, Australia, Canada, UK, France?

why study in america american lifestyle

American Lifestyle The Way I Saw as a Little Girl From India

why study in australia

10 Good Reasons Why I Choose to Study in Australia

why study in canada

Here’s Why I Chose to Study in Canada Over the USA – Interview With Harsha

F1 Visa Interview

Get F1 Visa Interview Prep Tips, Interview Experience and Lessons Learned

f1 visa interviw questions types and categories

101 Student F1 Visa Interview Questions and Answers (& Rejection Reasons)

f1 visa rejected twice 214b potential immigrant

F1 Visa Was Rejected Twice on 214(b) – Interview Analysis

f1 visa interview rejection fall 2018 spring 2019

F1 Visa Interview Experience – Fall 2019 – Review, Analysis and Lessons Learned

221g processing visa refusal

What is Administrative Processing and How to Avoid 221g?

student visa questions usa

Answers to 3 Most Important F1 Visa Interview Questions

214b visa refusal

What is 214(b) F1 Visa Rejection Mean? Booklet from US Embassy.

The World’s Shortest F1 Visa Interview. Ever. Do you Agree?

The World’s Shortest F1 Visa Interview. Ever. Do you Agree?

undergraduate f1 visa interview lessons learned

Two Undergraduate F1 Visa Interviews – 3 Lessons Learned

What Does it Take to Get  Your Dream Job?

job search journey

10 Months. 968 Jobs Applied. 704 No Responses. 12 Interviews. 1 Job Offer – Life of International F1 Student

f1 visa jobs

26 Things You Should Know (and Do) To Find a Full-Job on F1 Visa and OPT

job search novice

5 Reasons Why You Are Not Finding a Full Time Job on OPT (or CPT Internship).

job search strategies

Ignore These 7 Job Search Strategies At Your Own Risk!

F1 Visa & Work Authorization

CPT, OPT, STEM OPT, and Visa Rules.

cpt vs opt vs stem opt

A Comparison Chart – CPT vs OPT vs STEM OPT

stem opt allowed to work as contractors

Breaking News: USCIS Says that STEM OPT Students Can Work At Clients Sites, But Conditions Apply

options after masters in usa

3 Options After Masters in USA – Job, Studies or Pack Your Bags

Personal Development

Are you developing both personally and professionally?

graduate research assistant guide

Graduate Research Assistant = 50% Perseverance, 30% University Specific and 20% (Guess?)

smart goals

This is What Happens When Your Goals are Not Bigger and SMARTER

painful experience student

How to Avoid Painful Experience as a Student in the U.S. (The Advise Nobody Gave Me)

skills for success graduate student

Do You Have These 10 Skills to Be Successful in the Workforce & Your Life

H4 Visa: Career Guide

Career Options for H4 Visa Holders & More.

options h4 visa holders usa

6 Options for H4 Visa Holders: Work, Study or Stay At Home (Unhappy)

job search strategies

Ignore These 7 Job Search Strategies At Your Own Risk!

h4 to f1 visa change of status interview options

H4 to F1 Visa Interview – 9 Risk Factors to Consider Before Stamping


H4 EAD – Latest Update – DHS to Propose New Rule to Revoke [Feb 21, 2018]

H1B Visa Process, Lottery, Inteview, Extension

Learn About H1B Visa Lottery, Extension, RFE's and Interviews.


H1B Visa 2019 – New Memo, Lottery, RFE and Latest Updates

h1b visa 2016 warning

Are Paying for H1B Visa 2018 Sponsors? Read This Warning First

h1b petition approved notice mailed

Next Steps After H1B Visa Approval – Change of Status, Visa Stamping & Travel to USA

what is lca for h1b visa application

What is LCA for H1B Visa and Why LCA is Required to File H1B Application

Green Card Process - EB1, EB2, EB3 and EB5 Visa

Why does it take 150 years to get US Green Card via EB2 or EB3?

october visa bulletin 2018 eb2 eb3 india

October 2018 Visa Bulletin Comes with Great News for EB2, EB3 India

eb1 eb2 eb3 eb4 eb5 green card spill over formula

Here’s How Spill Over for Green Card via EB1, EB2, EB3, EB4 and EB5 Works

eb1 eb2 eb3 per country cap

This is How 140,000 Employment Based (EB) Green Cards is Given Per Country

pending eb2 green card applications

How Long Does it Take to Get Green Card in USA for EB1, EB2 and EB3?