How is SAT Test Scored – Understanding SAT Test Scores

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SAT Test are scored in two step process, unlike other Tests like GRE, GMAT.

  • Step 1: Raw SAT Test Score
  • Step 2: Scores after Equating Raw Score

SAT Raw Score – Calculation

  • One point for each correct multiple-choice question.
  • 1/4 point subtraction for incorrectly answered multiple-choice questions
    • No points are subtracted for incorrect maths questions where answered have to be entered.
    • No points are subtracted for skipped questions.
  • Raw SAT Score = Total points from correct answers – Total points from incorrect answers.
  • If the resulting score is a fraction, it is rounded to the nearest whole number—1/2 or more is rounded up; less than 1/2 is rounded down.
  • Questions in the SAT equating section do not count toward the score.

SAT RAW Score Equating

  • Equating adjusts for slight differences in difficulty between test editions.
  • Equating also ensures that a student’s score does not depend on how well others did on the same edition of the test.

Final SAT Score

After equating the raw sat scores, each section scored will be reported on the scale of 200 to 800 for each sections (Critical reading, writing and maths). Average SAT Scores are around 500 for each section. So, 1500 in SAT is considered average SAT scores and maximum possible score in SAT is 2400.

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