How to Get Internship Approval from NC State Univesity

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Following post was submitted by a student from NC state University, Raleigh, North Carolina about the process involved to  to get internship approval from the University.

NC state university

NCSU Campus

In general, NC state university allows a regular Masters student to do an internship only of 3 months. Internship Extension is provided only to students who do a thesis. Extension is limited to 4 months
(although this is not a written rule, it is exercised here).

Steps to get Internship

Following are the steps of procuring an internship:

  1. Get a job.
  2. Fill a student application and get signature from your thesis adviser (if a thesis student)
  3. Get approval of your DGP. Before this, you will need to describe in a few words how your internship work is an inherent part of academic program. Then the DGP signs the application and writes a paragraph for you stating the benefits of the internship.
  4. Thereafter you will need to go to the Co?op office and get your application approved from them.
  5. Then you will need to go to OIS (office of international services) and get the application approved.

The overall procedure takes around 10 t o12 days to complete on an average.  For getting an Internship extension beyond 3 months, the prerequisite is to be a thesis student. You will have to fill in a new application for the extension. Then the thesis advisor will review the application and offer letter and will decide whether the opportunity is beneficial or not.

If he is positive on student going for the extension, he will fill in a paragraph stating how beneficial the opportunity for the student is towards the thesis and then sign it. The student then has to go to the DGP and follow steps 2?5 once again.

This time, however the DGP examines the application more keenly and makes sure that it is very well related to the coursework the student undertook. Only then he signs it. (NOTE: Non?thesis students are NOT eligible for extension).
For step 4, before the co?op office approves the extension, a written report has to be submitted by the  student describing the work experience in the previous internship and the relation of it with the
academic coursework he undertook. He should also fill in 2 more forms.

  • Form A: The coursework the student will pursue after the internship
  • Form B: The self evaluation of internship w.r.t various skills he procured during the work

If these things satisfy the co?op office, the extension is approved by the co?op office.

The final step(5) is the OIS approval. This time the OIS is more strict in approving the extension and takes some more time approving it.  The overall time for this extension process can take up more than 20 days.

Internship at Your School?

what is the procedure to get Internship at your univeristy? Is it similar to NCSU?


  1. Hi HSB you people r really awesome..i never come across a website like this..u have got plenty of information for the people who r striving for getting visa…it shows the excellence u have put to show the important info…..even i am gonna apply for VISA can u still suggest r guide me to attend the visa interview with lot of confidence,,,,,

  2. Dear HSB, I belong to Pharma faculty (M.Pharm) and going to appear for GRE in June month, applying for spring semester. Now seriously i have a great doubt regarding my admission, because some private GRE coaching centres tell that they will guarantee admission at any cost if we pay them the required amount so and so… So this is the case. Seriously now, is there any problem for all the other students applying for admission, so that individually applying students quata may become reduced, because of these private sectors? Please help HSB, i am in dilema……

    Thanks to HSB in advance…

    1. In 3 years of this blog, you are the first person to post this question about getting admission through consultancies. I will answer in detail in a blog post.

      1. Thanks a lot HSB! I am your greatest fan for the past 4 months! Really a very wonderful site i have never seen before, which encourages every aspirant to achieve their goals(like me).Eagerly waiting for your answerand also for your Boot camp! Ha ha lol…!

    2. Hi Rajarajan,

      I'll ofcourse leave it upto HSB to go into more details about this, but i do have a couple of comments regarding this:

      1. No one, and i mean no one, can/should guarantee you an admission to a university for any amount of money that you may be willing to pay them, because they cannot do this, no matter how big or small a firm they are. All they can do is to help you make an informed decision when you select the universities to apply to, and with the subsequent application process.

      2. As far as your concerns about "… is there any problem for all the other students applying for admission, so that individually applying students quota may become reduced …" is concerned – dont' be concerned at all. Because nobody can guarantee anyone an admission into a university, the question of reduction in no. of seats available for "individually applying student" does not arise.

      My suggestion to you would be to do your due diligence vis a vis selecting the university and program that best fits your interests, experience and career goals, and then prepare your application to those programs as best as you can. Even if you wish to seek a firm's assistance in doing that, keep the above mentioned things in your mind, always.

      – aman

      1. hello Rajarajan,, yes what you said was true some consultants assure admissions , but the factor is which university , course , does that suit your interest….. im saying this because hope you dont land up in a university like Try Valley , instead do well in your GRE , do a web search about the university and apply it on your own ,, im saying this confidently because the applying on ur own is really easy and the process is very clearly shown on the site,, so don't trust these consultancies they simply loot your money.

  3. I am of indian origin and persuing in mechanical engineering from a college of india…presently I am in 2nd year and I want to do interns from this college…suggest and direct me.

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