How to Identify Good US Education Agents

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Response to the post Truth About US Admission Consultants was tremendous. In fact, I just have 2 brief examples of how US education agent work. But, there are still more details to come. In meantime, I would like to get more questions form you. Following post was in written by Sandeep  –

Guide to Selecting US Education Consultant

Thanks for posting an interesting and important topic leftover for discussion. I am a student studying MS at USA, came through consultancy. I want to share few tips that might help students approaching consultancies from my past experience of applying application process.
Before approaching to Consultancy, student must decide following things:

  1. When to write GRE/TOEFL?
  2. Number of universities to apply
  3. When you will be ready to send all/part-by-part documents to universities

At the time of approaching consultancy, ask the following questions to consultant:

  1. What is the package? – (Total cost : Application charge, documents courier, Dollar conversion rates, service charge, etc… also add the TAX )
  2. Number of applying universities
    1. No. of Universities of student choice
    2. No. of Universities of consultant choice
  3. Number of guaranteed admissions
  4. If want to apply to more universities (in later stages), what would be extra expenses?
  5. Can I access the emails/conversation taking place between university and consultant?
  6. Do they help in building the profile? (Affidavit certificate, Bank Statement, Letter of Recommendation, Resume, Biographical Statement, Statement of Purpose,etc…)
  7. Do they take care of Visa guidance and Airline ticketing ?
  8. How do they follow-up with the students and regarding admission process?

If the student thinks that the consultancy is good and applies the universities through consultancy, then he should make sure do following things:

  1. Get the status of application for every 2 days.
  2. Make sure all the things are done from your side in time. Otherwise, if u won’t get admission in any universities and they will blame that its student’s fault.
  3. Don’t sign on any consultancy documents unless you are clear about terms and conditions.
  4. Get the maximum benefits from the consultancy.

I feel that those who don’t have much time to apply universities and want to apply many universities(probably 5 or more), can think of going to consultant. If any student wants to apply only few universities(1 or 2), applying by yourself is the best option.
Thats all … just few steps that might help you if you want to go to consultancy.

Over To you

Above guide gives an overview about the process, but there is always that “sweet-talking” counselor that will guarantee you admission with aid and provide visa counseling. What other questions you should be asking to identify if they are who they claim to be?


  1. Taking help from an admission consultancy is not a bad idea. I paid around 20,000 INR for helping with my admission . Based on my profile, they’ve short-listed around 20 universities where the chances of me getting admitted is HIGH , in the sense my profile satisfies their basic admission criteria, and I get to choose about 5 to which I can apply (for safe-side) from that list (I’d have to be stupid to randomly apply to universities that I stand less chance in getting, when I am being given a well-prepared list ) where the consultancy helps me proof read all my documents. But I get to do every bit of what is expected of me , for example- writing SOP’s and essay questions. Taking extra help in proof- reading all the applications and documents(before I submit it to the universities) and helping me find universities not only that are closer to what I am looking for but also helping to apply to only those where i stand a high chance of getting admitted and most importantly pushing me to submit the applications before their deadline (since each univ have their own dates, its not that easy to keep track of it).

    Now taking this extra help doesn’t sound so bad right?

    Yet again it depends on every individual and I personally feel much relaxed especially during the admission rush-hour and I get to worry only about getting a VISA (which by the way I was helped with mock-interviews as well).

    If you think you are capable of doing all of this on your own, Hat tip!

  2. Hi Friends!
    My process for MBA has started for January intake. Just wanted to have your advice – I’ve got 42 marks in TOEFL. Will it effect my visa interview?
    Waiting for your valuable advices.

  3. Hi i want to know regarding the best consultancies n hyderabad that will surely help me for my admissi0n in US universities.I am going to start my processing by February-20, So please post some consultancies list that will surely help me regarding my admission.

    1. Hey,K.Karthik dude.. 🙂 I'm sorry to say this but there are no good consultancies in Hyderabad.. Anyway I just have a big suggestion for you that I'm going through. 😛

      You probably know Osmania University right??? 🙂 There is a SATELLITE CENTER for that University that guides a student on how to apply for universities which becomes an added advantage to you at VISA Stamping. The Visa Officers regularly come there and give some lectures about the US. I really loved it. The enrollment fee is just Rs. 300/- and no extra charges for anything. You can utilize any of their resources for free. They also have campaigns. By the way, I forgot to tell you the name – Osmania University Center For International Programs (OUCIP).. Go there, you will benefit a lot and will not end up paying some damn consultancy lump sum amount of money. 😀

  4. I am one of Educational Consultant in MAC Educational Services Center in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

    I would like to comment here that we are providing services to the students on honest, dedications and committment base. No extra is being charge to any student after the standard fee.

    All information is provided from us to relevant institute and decision is always from the student end.

    We are confident that any student who use our services, will save time, gets reliable details for Insitutions, quick response from our center and fully satisfaction on the standard of services provided to him/her.




  5. Thank you very much. i really appreciate ur assistance. i will always keep in touch when the need arise.

  6. Thank you Sandeep and HSB for providing this useful information and I've got to admit, the image was AWESOME!!! I want to visit there at least once when I go the United States! 😀

    I've posted my consultancy experience in the previous post

    My experience is sad. The application packet did not reach the university in time and they've rejected my application.

    I've told them that there was a problem with the mail delivery system and provided them with the FedEx Tracking Number provided with my scanned copies of 10th and 11th grade Official marks transcripts, Letters of Recommendations, Statement of Purpose and Passport. I am waiting for the reply today.

    Don't know what they will reply. They told to appeal to them by giving and e-mail address. I am kinda nervous today! 🙁 Never in my life did I think that I will go through such a heartbreaking situation.

    I would ENCOURAGE comments.

    Thank you. 🙂

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