[Video] How to Register for GRE

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Following 5 minute video shows how to register for GRE test dates in India.

[InfoImage] How to Register for GRE in India

You can see step by step instructions to book GRE dates using ETS prometric online registration portal. You would need credit card/Debit card to book GRE test dates online.

Video –  How to Register for GRE

How to Register for GRE – Steps

  1. Go to ETS Site
  2. Select Online GRE Registration link
  3. Select your Country
  4. Prometric GRE registration page opens
  5. Select test city or nearby city
  6. Select Schedule Exam link
  7. Select specific GRE test date or 3 month period
  8. Pick a date and time
  9. Agree to instructions (2 pages)
  10. Fill out the details as per passport
  11. Fill credit card information
  12. Verify the details and complete registration.

If you have additional questions about How to register for GRE, do leave a comment below this article on below the video. Here is the direct link to video How to Register for GRE ( if you cannot view it here)


  1. january to march dates are available in Hyderabad, prometric testing services,in hyd there are 2 testing centers named as B,C as per the naming of ets,dats are available in center B,all the best

  2. Hello,

    June and July dates are not available. Does it mean that they are already filled 🙁 🙁 🙁 :(????

  3. no the seats of june and july aren't filled. the dates for those months will be released only 3months in advance, but there is a small change for this time,ets said that the booking of slots for the month of apr,june,july(up to 31st) will be closed by mar31 of 2011,because new gre pattern is going to launch on aug 1st,2011.so they are trying to maintain some gap between old and new pattern.U CAN BOOK SEATS FOR JUNE AND JULY RIGHT NOW BY CALLING TO NEAREST REGIONAL CENTER(address of your nearby regional center is available in http://www.ets.org )

  4. hi!!

    in the government id field i wrote "passport" instead of the passport number, does that matter??

  5. dont worry vau, when u r going to take test, they will ask u confirm u r details one more time. so u can give your passport number,dont worry about it,concentrate on your exam,ALL THE BEST

  6. hi HSB,

    June and July dates are not available for Hyderabad test center.

    what does that mean…are they filled???

  7. hi HSB….i need the information about current GRE exam price….please send me the details.

  8. Hello sir,

    I am planning to write GRE in the month of July. I tried to find out the available dates in July. No dates were free anywhere near my place…..To be specific…no where in south India… Does this mean that all the seats are booked for the month of July or has the registration for the month of July not opened yet??

    Please help me with this sir….

  9. ets will release only 3 days per week to schedule exam, and rest 2 days will be released only after fulfillment of seats in first released 3 days(total 5 working days mon-fri), i think so there may be chance of scheduling exam in rest 2 days, will u mind if u send ur nearest test center, so that i can be clear and help u more.

  10. Hi, I want to write gre in june/july. I found 2 dates.
    Before i could register the next day they were filled. Now last
    available date is in May… Is there any chance that new dates will
    be open for month of june july ??? I m going to take test in
    Bangalore… Please Help !!!!!! I wonder if i should book for May
    or wait and see ….

  11. respect sir/madam
    i am planning to do my higher education.i am worrying about examination slots available in months of may, june, july.my plan is to attend in july.Is there slots available in month of july?i am waiting fr ur reply………..

  12. hello

    i need to know that I have in B.Sc. only 58% and in Masters 62%….can i apply for GRE Exam….I am Interested in Ph.D.????????/

    anybody tell ……how can i start my Preparation ????/

  13. If some one gives GRE multiple times , then which score will be reported to institutes ? Will it be latest one or cumulative score ? If one wants to restrict it to best score , can it be possible ?

  14. hi sir,
    this is phanindra my gre exam is july 13th but my passport is not come,i have pan card it is valied to write the exam

  15. sorry phanidra without a valid passport you cannot take GRE exam

  16. sir now am persuing my btech final year.when i need to apply for the exam sir.

  17. Sir,
    i want to give my GRE in feb end 2013 but i m unable to find any date for MUMbai as the test centre is not appearing in ets site. Does that mean that the seats are filled ? PLz help me out and suggest me what should i do. I m also not able find dates in Ahemdabad.PLz let me know if there is any date available in FEb 2013

    1. Even I am having the same problem. Unable to view the Mumbai Center. Must be because of those cancelled dates from Jan-April

      1. yeah same problem.. But if all dates are full from jan to april it should atleast view the centre for the dates after april, should’nt it? like for july, august, etc..?

  18. Sir i am unable to register for gre exam using my pnb debit card (mastercard) it says “An error has occured please try again” what’s the problem.

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