Mantra Reveled – How to Score 329 in GRE and 117 in TOEFL

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> Following post was shared by Aanchal Malhotra

Undoubtedly it’s an amazing feeling to score good in GRE  and TOEFL. At least my first step towards getting admission in US universities is accomplished. This is just the beginning, there is alot to go 🙂

  • GRE- 161 ( Verbal and 168 in quantitative).

Most important factor is your “ATTITUDE” on the test day. This is going to help you the maximum. Don’t be nervous. I am the “BEST” and I am gonna nail it, should be all going in your mind.

Ofcourse, attitude alone won’t help and it can’t come unless you are well prepared for the test. And test preparation strategies varies for each individual. So i am not gonna go over all those things mentioned in earlier posts. Just one thing I wish to say is that “Recognize your way to grab things, your weaknesses and follow the study path you feel comfortable with. And don’t rush after stupid advices”

  • TOEFL- once you are done with GRE thing, it becomes super easy to get through with TOEFL exam. I got
  • Reading-30
  • Speaking-28
  • Listening-30
  • Writing -29

And believe me, its less than a week’s preparation result.

I just attempted a couple of barron’s tests (That too I used to leave in mid).

I listened to a few youtube videos for speaking strategies.And practiced a couple of topics and recorded my voice in my phone.

This really helps as you can listen to what you spoke and may be improve a bit in terms of pronunciation and grammatical errors.

Listen to a few lecture videos on youtube and it’s pretty easy to understand the accent. Learn making notes of what to listen to quickly so as to refer to them while answering questions.

My overall mantra I would say is just be COOL and CALM while attempting. This will win half the battle for you.

I have requested Aanchal Malhotra to do an video interview. If you like to her in person about her experience, you can post your comment, requesting her to do an video interview about GRE and TOEFL test prep tips.



  1. Hi Aanchal,
    Fans of HSB are waiting for ur video interview including me.Please make it as soon as possible.

  2. Hey guys.. I would love to share my experience in detail. Will get this interview thing done as soon as possible 🙂

    1. Could u make it soon ? 🙂
      my gre is on october 3rd .. last week preparation strategies myt really come handy.. 🙂

  3. It would be great if you could share all the steps you took to prepare for both GRE and Toefl,specially the material or the books that you used.

  4. An Interview with GRE/TOEFL tests prep tips would be really useful. Please share the test strategies and materials used for preparing.

  5. In verbal section they test your skill so concentrate in developing your skill donot be hasty take your time. Follow books like Manhattan they list specific ways of tackling reading comprehensions. I am currently working to improve my skills of reading.

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