How to Use Facebook for Graduate School Admission

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Most of the students in India use their Orkut accounts, but only a few use Facebook, etc. But in the U.S., Facebook has a very huge user base and it’s very popular.

You have to learn to use Facebook effectively for graduate school admission as well as in finding a job or internship.

Facebook for College Admission

Most U.S. universities are starting to use Facebook (Facebook Fan Page). If you are browsing a university website and if the school is on Facebook, make use of the resources that they provide.

You can ask questions to school admission representatives through the school’s Fan Page and get to know who are the key players in the admission process.

Add them to your friends list and you can ask specific questions directly to them about the grad school admission.

You will have many question before and after submitting your application. It’s not easy to find the right person to contact to get your questions answered.

Most of the answers that you need, you can get from a school’s Fan Page.

Go to Facebook and search for U.S. universities you are considering to apply at. If they have their own fan page (most likely they have), become a fan and benefit from this unique opportunity.


  1. how to check for b-schools university of usa ? and what are their minimum gmat score requirement and fee structure etc ???

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