HSB 003 : Best Options for H4 to H1B Transfer

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h4 to h1b options

Welcome to another Episode of Happy Schools Podcast.

Today is Friday and topic covered is Immigration. We tackler the following question today from Ekta about H4  to H1B transfer options and which route to take.

I came to USA 3 months back, currently on H4 Visa, I am planning to study for a year, then do my OPT and then get EAD.  We don’t have a approved I-140 or 6 years H1B.  Now my question is, Can I complete my studies and apply for OPT being on H4 Visa or I have to change from H4 to F1 to apply for OPT?

Basically my aim is to start working in USA full time and i am having difficulty finding H1B sponsor because I am from a HR background, not from technical. Please help me understand.

H4 to H1B Transfer  (via F1 or Direct H1B)

Listen to the show for answer to the above question and how we deal with fixing broken things around our home.

Show Notes

Here’s some related links to learn more on the same topic about H-4 Visa Holders.

Studying in H4 visa comes with it’s own set of challenges. It becomes harder when you have kids to go back to school.  I have seen many H-4 visa holders waiting for EAD for H-4 Visa rule to be published, so they can look for jobs.

Job market is pretty brutal when you have few years of gap between the jobs or even tough when you don’t have any work experience and have several years gap between your college graduation and job search.

Even if the EAD for H-4 Visa rules, passes, if you don’t have recent work experience or education, it could be tough to get back into work force.

Finding an H1B visa sponsor for H4 to H1B transfer is not easy as it sounds. If you are from Non-IT fields, it’s almost impossible to convince an consultant to apply for H-1B Visa.

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  1. I am applying H1B this year, I want to bring my family with me also.

    My wife also haveing working experiance in IT,

    If my want to work in US, First get H4 and come to US and try for H4 to H1B is this is good ?

    or both at a time to apply H1B.

    or H4 to H1 converstion.

    Can you please suggest me, which is the best way to apply visa for both of us?

  2. Hi Raghu,

    Its really good job you are doing!.. its helpful to listen instead of reading the stuff. I suggest to add transcript but I think its ok as you have good description of topic and them audio, thouh transcript may help others. You can pick up common questions and answer them with audio session. Thanks again!

  3. Nice work on these lessons. I loved your lesson 1 & 2. One problem, I am unable to listen to the audio. Have you changed the player. What plug ins do I need.

    1. Author

      If you scroll all the way down to the blog post, you can see the link to the player ( with download link). Let me know if it works.

  4. Hi Raghu,
    Excellent job on sharing the breaking news on immigration laws, and for sharing important tips on immigration matters and life in USA.

  5. Hello Raghu,
    It was a fantastic answer to most of my questions,I’m one amongst those waiting for the h4 Ead rule to pass.I have been reading your blog since last 1 year and sincerely appreciate your efforts in inspiring us and keeping up our hopes to achieve our dreams in this country.

    I just had some more additional questions after listening to the answers which are as follows:

    1)Can I obtain the degree from any local college or only a reputed college / university would add weightage on my resume?

    2)Will I be eligible to apply for h1 b visa (in worst case scenarios of Ead rule not going through) for any course I take on F1 visa or should it be from only the STEM subjects to choose from as I have 8 years experience from hr background and want to pursue my masters from hr?

    Please advice.

    (I’m sorry if I missed out any previous answers on your blog for this question.)

    Thanks and regards
    Srav Rao

  6. Hi Raghu,

    First of all, You are doing a great Job! You are so prompt in your work!
    It was just yesterday evening that I asked you this question and here I have my answer in detail, morning 8 AM. Thanks a Lot!

    This audio/answers have really helped me to decide my next move towards my career.
    Thanks again!

    Keep up your awesome work!


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